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  1. What is the best software to design and assemble tools?
  2. You follow the textbooks with short description and the list of question which probably asked in examination..Refer such types of books.Then if you find some practice exam test join that and give test continuously..From these test you can get idea where your efforts become less..hope this will help you.. All the best!!
  3. It all depend on how you work..and also check the rates of local competitors so you can decide your price..Firstly try to gain trust of people by good work, Once you are popular you can decide the new rate as per your living charges
  4. For passing this exam you have make estimate of changes for clearing exam There was 3 types of answers that I was giving on the exam, I figured I could calculate my score by assigning a % to each answer: The problems I’d looked up or worked through and was certain that I’d done correctly: 90% (assuming I’d make a mistake 10% of the time) The problems that I’d been able to eliminate at least two of the answers: 50% The problems that I had no clue on, and that I couldn’t find in my reference materials: 25% On one of my sheets of paper I put a tally sheet so I could do some quick math when there was 1 hour left in the section. At that point I’d do some quick math and figure out my percentage for that section, if I’d hit 28 questions right then I’d only focus on those rest of questions I knew I could work out and guess on the rest of the questions. A sample session could look something like this after 3 hours: Correct Answers – 27 Educated Guess – 8 Complete Guess – 0 You’ll notice that I did not guess on any questions yet, I’d skip any questions that I’d not seen before and had no knowledge of. At this point of the exam I’ve taken 35 of 40 questions, and estimated that I’d passed 28 questions. At this point I would only answer questions I’d seen before and guess on all others. Not everyone likes this method, but for me, I found it to be beneficial and take a lot of the stress and worry off of my shoulders. For more information you can follow All the best!!
  5. For this you can take help of simply google it..They offered all the courses and certification related to solar energy..Hope this will helps you..All the best!!
  6. Thanks for sharing your Experience with us. and Congratulations.!!!!! all the best for your future.....!!
  7. i am vaibhav, working as a senior manger having 5+ years of experience in manufacturing field.
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