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    Texas Results

    It was my 2nd attempt, first attempt I got a 69. I took TestMasters physical classroom class the first time and for the 2nd time I just joined some live WebEx sessions on the subjects I felt weak on. I just studied from their manuals, I felt that the morning portion was easy, I finished the AM part with 1:15 left on the clock, reviewed everything and left the room 1 hour early. The PM portion I thought it was much harder than my 1st attempt in October, I was skipping a bunch of problems and guessed on a few, but after going back to them I was able to solve most of them. I was surprised with the 83 TBH, I was thinking I had a better shot at passing than the last time but I was expecting either missing by 1 or 2 points or a low 70 score.
  2. enriqg9

    Texas Results

    Got an 83 Civil Construction
  3. enriqg9

    Texas Results

    Passed construction! 2nd attempt
  4. First time taker.. missed by 1! 😥 Construction - 49/80 (TXPE 69%) AM 23 / 26 PM
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