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  1. Sdhabik

    Wildi: Ind. Motor

    If i change the P (hp) to P (watt) and use the formula P=sq.rt(3) x VI, the value of current will be 93.6 A. This is different from the answer in the example as, I=600Ph / E. Am i missing something here. Cuz in exam for these kind of question, the first thing i will remember is P=sq.rt(3) x VI. Please help!
  2. Sdhabik

    Graffeo: Ind. Motor

    Can someone please help how Pmax derived here?
  3. Sdhabik

    Is Graffeo Exam way too easy?

    Can someone please explain how Pmax is as shown in the attachment (Source: Graffeo Book)
  4. Sdhabik

    PE(US) license process form Japan

    Thank you rmsg for your kind words and encouragement. Can you share me your reference of materials for the Exam.
  5. Sdhabik

    PE(US) license process form Japan

    Thank you rg1 for your kind suggestion.
  6. Sdhabik

    Question for the Week (Power PE)

    I agree with you. VAN shall be 277<-30. These kind of things we have to be careful during calculation.
  7. Sdhabik

    Question for the Week (Power PE)

    Vload = vsource - (Iload)(Zload/line) = ( (480∠-30° / √3) - (75∠-cos-10.85)(0.1 + j0.02)(1750 / 1000) )) ---> (L-N) = 263.8 <-30.48 ---> (L-N) = √3 x 263.8 <(-30.48+30)---> (L-L) =457<-0.48V---> (L-L) √3 there in the solution is just conversion from L-N to L-L.
  8. Hello Everyone! I am new here. I highly appreciate some guidance / suggestions from you all. I have completed Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Nepal. I have been working for an Engineering company in Japan for the past 6 years. In mid-2017, I came to know about FE/PE exam, that even accredited foreigners could take it from Japan through JPEC. Then I passed FE in Jan 2018 and attempted for PE (Power) in Oct 2018. Unfortunately, I failed. During preparation, I also came to know that, in my company nobody has PE (US) license. Some of my few seniors from another department/discipline had Japanese based PE (JP) license. I wonder if recommendation of Japanese based PE (JP) is worthy during the license process. If not what will be other possible ways to get it. Do I have to change my job and search for the one where my supervisor must have PE (US)? Then again, do I have to work under him for another 4 years to be eligible for PE? Right now, I am so confused. I am trying to encourage myself to give another shot for PE exam, but these kind of confusions are demoralizing me. Anybody with the similar experience please help. Thanks In advance.