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  1. been trying hard to use photos & I quite like this one!
  2. Nope. But I'm March so I might be looking at the batch after next.
  3. First time posting here lol. Hope this counts!
  4. I read on another thread that they get released at 7PM PST. Last batch of licenses issued was from March 27. Here's hoping!
  5. For anyone lurking here... Per the February results thread, they are behind in issuing licenses, even some passing in January not seeing their name up on the DCA license search through mid-March. Maybe March exams will get theirs in May?
  6. Thanks!! I would say for me, it's tough because the pacing felt way faster than the seismic exam. This is probably due to lack of precise resources (compared to the spot-on Hiner/EET tables for the seismic). I used the following: Reza Mahallati at surveyingreview.com - The book has a really good set of questions and a full exam I used for a mock exam. Barely used the webinars. Civil PE Surveying Review Reference Manual by CPESR.com - Definitely not comprehensive but really good as a cheat sheet for geometry/formulas/extra notes. Elementary Surveying by Ghilani Wolf - Used a couple of times on both attempts, always good to have a reference book for random definitions or theory problems. Everyone's method will vary, but I do best learning methods for the exam vs. mastery of the topics themselves. Overall, I think speed and practice are key here. Good luck to you both!
  7. I guess cancelling the later half of March exams pushed the results date up. This would be the cruelest April Fool's joke ever, but I think it's real LOL. I PASSED!! Officially done with all my exams 😭
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