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  1. SparkyBill, If you need some refresher Videos as well as Calculator help; there are a few videos that may be able to provide assistance: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAD6M-IkcNpymHuokw5RqeQ http://electronicspeprep.com Based on Ken's Blog at http://pinoype.com/2019/06/18/unlocking-the-pe/ he used the videos for both the FE and PE exam. He is now a licensed PE in the State of Kentucky and Illinois. He was determined to knock out both exams with extreme prejudice. Don't sweat the attempts, you got this SparkyBill! -Josh
  2. Zach, Great job on providing the Engineering Community with helpful knowledge to help them achieve their goals. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work. On that note, we at Electronics PE Prep decided to take a page out of your book and provide similar helpful knowledge to the Engineering Community. Since you have the Power Exam covered, we decided to focus on the Electronics, Controls, and Communications discipline. For all the future Professional Engineers, the website shares knowledge/insight of how to study for the exam as well as review videos. All Review Videos are uploaded to YouTube and are absolutely FREE to watch (No Strings). If you would like to receive video updates or just want to stay connected, Please Subscribe to the channel. Part of helping the Engineering Community develop and grow is sharing and passing down the knowledge to our fellow Engineers. Thank you very much -Josh
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