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  1. It sounds like you can carry over up to 14 hours (the ethics 1 hour is the only one you cant) - so I've even thought about trying to knock out 4 or 5 this year while I can...
  2. Congrats @GeoDude_PE Now you can be like me and start worrying about continuing education...
  3. @GeoDude I basically went through almost a similar process as @Rebeccah623. Not a lot of different things on my SER, just a solid account of what I've worked on over the past few years. Submittal all the way to licence was about three weeks.
  4. My SER was only four pages (in the exact same font and size as the TBPE online form). I had one engagement - because i've only been with one company - but I just used a couple of dashes to separate each individual project. I do think each engagement - which i believe is each new company or customer or whatever - you should start a new page.
  5. Is this happening for October 2018? Did I miss it anywhere?
  6. PE Stamps, are you still doing that 50-states giveaway? How do I get a discount code?
  7. Yeah, wow. You guys were all right. Only took two days. Whole process basically took three weeks from asking for finalizing SER and submitting to licensure.
  8. I must have found a sweet spot - moved through administrative pretty quickly. Hoping to hear back on the technical by the end of the week, I guess...
  9. Congrats! How long did it take from when everything turned green on the TBPE website before everything was finalized and released?
  10. Submitted my online application a few days ago, but today I mailed off my SER and 3 recommendations. So far I have been worried: That I forgot to include everything, even though I included it all. That I've transposed numbers in the address and it's not going to make it there. That the adhesive on the envelope will pop open and all the contents will spill out in transit. That UPS will lose the whole dang thing. Am I missing anything?
  11. Civil here too. Passed first time, but I didn't feel real great leaving the test. It really covers a lot, and I have no idea how you're supposed to know some of the stuff without the extra resources once it transitions to CBT. Water was a struggle for me, but I focused on working the practice problems and being comfortable with formulas and how to set up the problems. That's what helped me the most.
  12. Test you took: PE Environmental Engineering, Paper-Based (Passed in 1st Attempt) Where you took it: Houston TX, Oct 26, 2018 What books you brought with you: List of reference I carried to the exam. Lindeberg Environmental Engineering Reference Manual Engineering Unit Conversions - Lindeberg NCEES PE- manual NCEES practice test Things I printed at the office the DAY BEFORE that actually helped me on the test... "Environmental Laws: Summaries of Major Statutes Administered by the Environmental Protection Agency" - Congressional Research Service "RCRA Orientation Manual" NIOSH Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site Activities What books you actually used Lindeberg Environmental Engineering Reference Manual Engineering Unit Conversions - Lindeberg "Environmental Laws: Summaries of Major Statutes Administered by the Environmental Protection Agency" - Congressional Research Service "RCRA Orientation Manual" NIOSH Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site Activities NCEES PE- manual NCEES practice test What books did you wish you brought: NONE General impression about exam and format: The test was more similar to the NCEES practice exams than the ones that go with the EERM - I wish there were more. I felt like the morning and afternoon sessions were just as evenly split between the topics. I was also pretty bummed that a lot of questions I was super prepared for weren't on the test. How I prepared for the exam: I have a degree in Civil Engineering but my work has been more on the Environmental side - which is why I took this test - but also why I was nervous that it would be too much to cover between April and October. I started by trying to read the EERM cover to cover, but by the time I got about halfway through, I realized that it is meant to be a reference, and I focused on learning the topics as they came up in the practice problems. I basically just worked every single problem between all of the EERM and related books and then saved the NCEES exam questions for the very last part of my review so that I would be comfortable with the format. Just like @Bobbybuddy, I definitely recommend tabbing the books, especially for formulas that you use over and over again. Everything I printed fit in two binders and those plus all of the books fit easily in my backpack and still left room for a light pullover and my lunch. On both sections I did a first pass, looking for qualitative problems that I could look up as well as quantitative problems in familiar formats. Then I went back and did a second pass, with a third near the 30-minutes-left mark to try and identify educated guesses. I was pretty surprised by how many questions had relatively simple answers. But that's why Lindeburg writes that the test isn't designed to trick you - if you are confident that you understand how to set up the problems, its basically just plug and play with the equations. I did get nervous that the questions were too easy and that i made stupid mistakes, but it looks like i did just enough to squeak through. Advice for future test takers: Work as many problems as you can. The more you use a formula, the more familiar you will be with each of its variables and units and things like that. I definitely learned that units can be your friend, because they can guide you on what to do. Definitely pace yourself, but try not to get hung up on a single question. You have a lot of time, and you want to make sure that you get your eyes on every question with a reasonable amount of time to attempt it. Just relax and remember that you have spent a lot of time learning how to use various formulas and solve problems and that (most likely) you won't see very many topics that you haven't seen before.
  13. A couple of years ago, Texas "decoupled" the exam requirement - you can take it before. I think there are 10-15 states where you can do that.
  14. TX HookEM

    Texas Results

    So I'm reading the Engineering Practice Act (so I can do the Ethics Exam) and it says they have to give you your test results in 30 days. 🤣 Edit: Just kidding. It says if they use a testing service, they have 14 days from when they get it from the service.
  15. Started mine too! I ordered a transcript, and then saw a note that since I'm an EIT they already have it...OOPS... Filled out the online application, but waiting to submit until I get more stuff together. I am probably going to do the Ethics exam today and get that out of the way. Only thing left will be polishing up my SER and asking for recommendations... Good luck!
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