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  1. Hello Maryland, I dont have answers for your questions but just wanted to know how is EET course so far going for your? Is it good? I just passed NCEES PE and this would be my next step. I am confused between Heiner and EET.
  2. Hello Members, I am looking for information/design guides for a deep embedded grouted concrete anchors. The method given in ACI 318 chapter 17, does not cover grouted anchors. ACIs penalizes heavily for being close to edge and also it is limited as the theory it uses works only for embedded depth till 20x dia. of anchor. I have a 2" tie rod grouted up to eight feet. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks
  3. Nope. I didn't. This time a friend let me borrow his EET notes. So will be using those.
  4. Thank you for your insights. I am looking to just solve problems this time. The PE Civil Practice Problems by Lindberg has tons of it and should iron-out any wrinkles I have in my prep.
  5. Hello, I took the PE-Civil-Structures test in October 2018 and April 2019. For October test I could hardly study for 20 days and was sick on the exam day. Ended with a score of 48. For April test , I prepared really well. Spent lot of time in going through resources I had and again ended with the same identical score of 48. I have attached two diagnostics. Kindly review and let me know how should I prepare this time. These are the prepration material I hadused Breadth : CERM, All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth and Depth,Indranil Goswami, Breadth Practice Tests: civilpepractice, NCEES practice test. Depth : SERM,Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Structural Problems (glanced through it as most opined that it was way harder than test) Depth Practice test: NCEES ,Civil and Structural Practice Problems ALI AKBARI, KOUROSH, Kindly tell me what should I do different this time. This time I am thinking to just go through EET notes and solving Practice problems from Lindberg.
  6. I am looking for people who passed PE test in Oregon. Let me know if you have any study material that you can share.
  7. Hi, Even I am unable to PM you. I am interested in Depth materials. I am from Oregon. Let me know you still have any left.
  8. In my work I dont tend to use lot of codes except Steel Manual and lot of FEM analysis. I did read through 6 minute solutions for structures and had read SERM in & out at least twice. Went through most codes, solved 2 practice test. I was close in passing October with way less preparation than in April with lot more preparation. I certainly dont know how to explain it to myself. I still wonder, how did you have 4-5 practice test for Structural Depth??
  9. I am from Oregon too . What references did you use for the test.
  10. phirra

    Cut scores

    I kind of found solace in the fact that test was tough but the stats that NCEES put out, says different things Compared to October 2018(60%) , 6% more people passed this time among first time takers in Civil Structural exam.
  11. Never had a breakup but I believe this is how it must feel. Feels so hard to show up at work
  12. Thank you for encouragement. I wish the same to you too. I can totally understand what being sick feels( that's what happened in October on the exam day). It is not just physical but affects lot more things. I will see if I can ask my company to sponsor the EET course. My company is great that way that they bought all the books I asked for the test and have paid twice for the test. I would feel very bad to ask them again. So I will probably will pay it out of my pocket. Since I have been through the whole syllabus twice, I think lot of timed-practice test will help me more, but I am not putting off a course as an option yet. So did you take On-demand or Webinar? How many practice tests they had?
  13. phirra

    Cut scores

    Civil Structural - AM-28, PM-20, Total 48 This was second attempt with an exact same score last time
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