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  1. Gonzaga

    Cut scores

    Civil: Structural - 48/80
  2. Gonzaga

    Wisconsin Results

    Unfortunately didn't pass structural 30AM 18PM
  3. Appreciate it. I guess it the time to hit the books again
  4. Gonzaga

    Wisconsin Results

    Wisconsin usually faster than this. My heart is racing I need to know
  5. Gonzaga

    Wisconsin Results

    Nothing yet correct?
  6. Yes, I solved practice problem from EET depth course, NCEES practice exam book, and PPI depth practice exams
  7. Hello all, I'm taking the PE civil-structural exam for the second time in April, after solving decent amount of practice problem for the depth portion I still see the exam questions level were way harder any one having the same thoughts or am I missing something here?
  8. 42/80 Civil Structural
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