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  1. tehparadox1

    Civil Breadth and Construction Depth Material

    Everything here has been sold. Thanks everyone.
  2. tehparadox1

    Civil Breadth and Construction Depth Material

    Another thing , almost all the items are in good condition. I’m leaving the tabs in the books for your use and all books will likely contain highlights and pencil markings. The CERM is in decent shape although the binding is starting to wear, but in usable shape
  3. tehparadox1

    Civil Breadth and Construction Depth Material

    Also , I would like to sell as much as possible to the same person, makes it easier for me.
  4. Please see the items I have for sale. I took the construction Depth of the Civil PE . I’m selling all the items cheap in hopes that it goes to good use and to help those who are struggling to pay for their study material. Prices do not include shipping . Please contact me for shipping price because some items are heavy and will cost extra. PE Civil Practice Problems - Lindburg 16th edition from PPI - $20 NCEES practice Exam- Construction , Structural, Geotechnical - $20 each Six Minute Solutions , Construction Depth, 2nd edition ; Elaine Huang $20 PE Prepared Breadth Version A and Version B- $10 each version PE Prepared Construction Depth- $10 Mikes Civil PE Morning Exam - $15 Pass the Civil PE , 4th edition - $15 Construction Depth Practice Exam, Beth Lin Hartmann , 2nd edition $20 Construction Depth Practice Exam , 2nd edition Desantis -$15 Practice Exam for Civil PE-Goswami - $15 Civil Engineering Materials- Shan - $10 Standard Practice for Bracing masonry walls , December 2012 - $10 Construction Planning and Methods - Peurifoy- $30 Estimating Construction Costs- Peurifoy - $15 Project Management for Engineering Construction- 3rd edition- Oberland - $20 CERM-15th Edition $50 OSHA 1926 paper copy- free
  5. tehparadox1

    Oct 2018 Exam - Thoughts?

    I passed this cycle , my third attempt. My opinion was that it was more difficult than last cycle .
  6. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Awesome!! Congrats !
  7. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Just got the email notification for results. Still Passed. Thank the Lord! Best of luck to those that didn't pass. Keep working hard
  8. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    No idea why. Keep checking to make sure my name is in the license lookup (and it is), but my NCEES site still says pending .
  9. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Yeah. I would suggest taking it in April. Like you said, less rust and stuff is still fresh.
  10. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Don't give up cjcaro87. This was my 3rd time taking it. Honestly EET helped alot and I purchased the geotechnical engineers handbook and that handbook saved my life on a few questions. Even on the depth portion.
  11. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Thanks cjcaro87, what depth did you take? Did you take a course? I paid for EET and took the Construction Depth.
  12. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Hopefully they are just taking their time. But i got an email from the Board stating " Dear Applicant: Congratulations! We have completed the review of your application and are pleased to inform you that it has been approved. The physical license will be mailed out within 7 to 10 business days of this notification. Please ensure that your contact information is current in your license record." And my name appeared in the registry license lookup. Did you check for your name?
  13. tehparadox1

    October 2018 Results Map

    DC license register was updated, but not the NCEES Website. Also got an email from DC Board that a physical license will be sent. Thinking that is a good sign.
  14. tehparadox1

    DC Results

    Hopefully. In panic mode now because NCEES website hasn't updated.
  15. tehparadox1

    DC Results