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  1. Lycee and Newb, Thank you guys for the replies. However, Computer-Engineer was able to hook it up for me and sent me an extra pencil already. But I appreciate the gesture
  2. Agreed 100%. I took the course this past Spring and passed the Transportation PE in April on the first try. The course was great and well worth it.
  3. Hello everyone, I passed the Civil PE exam this past April but I managed to lose my pencil and I wanted to hang it with my certificate. By any chance, would anyone happen to have a spare pencil that they can sell me? I contacted NCEES but they got back to me saying that they don't carry extra pencils. I don't know of any other means to get an extra pencil. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this post - I'm pretty new around here. As a side note, congrats to all of those who passed this October! I know the feeling.
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