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  1. I took and passed the CIVIL PE TRANSPORTATION EXAM this past fall. I have a bunch of books and materials that I am looking to sell. We all know the books and prep materials can get expensive! This is a great way to save a lot of money!!!! 🤑 Books include: CERM, 16th edition CERM COMPANION for the 16th edition Highway Capacity Manual Transportation Depth Reference Manual Transportation Depth 6 min questions Civil Practice problems (companion to CERM) I also have other manuals I had binded as well.
  2. Yea seriously haha. I think the wait was less stressful for the bar exams..
  3. Rhode Island up! Passed woohoo
  4. for those fortunate enough to have a state that is not keeping you in suspense - does NCEES send an email when your results are up or do you just have to keep refreshing and hoping?
  5. Someone else should try calling and explaining that the rest of the country releases the results when they get them and don’t make you wait two weeks for a letter that travels less than 70 miles
  6. I did it says pending. I agree it seems crazy. There must be a misunderstanding with what I was asking and what was replied even though I thought I asked it correctly. Here is my question: Virginia, NCEES says they released the results to the states and the state’s board can give permission to NCEES to provide the results via their website. Do you know typically how long after NCEES releases the results that the board gives NCEES permission to provide the results?
  7. Here is the response I got: Greetings, NCEES does not have permission to release the results. This is because, a passing score results in an approval for licensure. I received the results yesterday afternoon. Currently I have over 50 letters to get out. This takes time. Please allow 14 business days for processing. Virginia
  8. I believe that NCEES releases all the scores to each state. It is then up to the state to give NCEES permission to post each individual's results in their "myNCEES" page. Most states have done this already but not all. Virginia made it sound like RI will not be giving NCEES permission but instead will send out a letter to each individual that can take UP TO 14 days to process/receive. This doesnt sound right because the board could just give NCEES permission and then they can still send out their own letters in the meantime without making us wait an extra 14 days. Try calling her at Phone: (401) 462-9592. Maybe you will have better luck finding out the process.
  9. I emailed Virginia Porter. She said they did not give NCEES permission to post. They will be sending letters out so allow up to 14 days. This didn’t sound right but she said it in two separate emails. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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