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  1. All states are done except GA, something's wrong... I am skeptical they will release results today 😌
  2. I know...I am unsure what is going on but I don't think they will release the results today. Frankly, I don't understand why so much suspense to release the results. All other states are done. 😔
  3. I think they will finish uploading the names before they release results My guess is that at least 200 people presented the PE. If we use the average pass rate of 65% that gives about 130 names to be uploaded. They are half way At the rate they are uploading the names I don't think they will finish today. Likely we'll have official confirmation next week
  4. In the meantime we sing the Blues in GA. I am pretty sure GA won't have results this year. Maybe next year when other states are processing the Apr 2019 PE results.
  5. All boards are supposed to do that. How come other states are faster?.
  6. Add GA as state waiting results
  7. In the meantime I only can see the forum of other states being happy with their results. Man... by the time we receive the results in the peach state the other states will be celebrating the results of the April 2019 PE
  8. I think we will never know our scores in the peach state.
  9. Thank you for the link. It's interesting to see that pass rates went 3-5% down across the board for civil engineering.
  10. Is there a way to see the past pass rates?
  11. Why is GA taking so long to post the results?.
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