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  1. I have to say this is a great topic and exactly what I went through. I ended up passing my second time Civil Structural after taking EET. The key in my passing the second time would be... 1) Taking an online class. What this does is keep you accountable not only because you paid for the class but because it keeps you on a schedule. No more "I'll cram this in one weekend, or I'll do those problems whenever." 2) Knowing what my references were and how to find things in them. The first time I took it, everything seemed to be a second language, however the good news is the more you study everything becomes second nature. 3) Working as many practice examples as possible. Why? You start to know which problems you excel at and which ones you have no clue. The second time I took it I made myself not look at the solutions and it helped more than anything. EET alone provided hundreds of examples and working all of them lead my into my last point. 4) Have some confidence. The first time I walked in I knew I was under prepared, my notes were hand me downs and in some cases wasn't up to date. The second time I had everything I needed in my suitcase, I knew what I was good at and wasn't good at. If you're reading this, work the problems you know and skip the ones you don't especially in the afternoon. No matter how long you study there will be problems in your depth that you have never touched, they want you to spend 30 min working one problem. It's all about answering as many as possible just like a game show. It's better to work 4 problems that you think are 50/50 in the end than 1 problem that you think is 75% confidence.
  2. I read the exact same things last year when I failed in the fall (1st attempt) School of PE was great for the morning but lousy for the afternoon. I took EET for the spring...both breadth and depth and passed (2nd attempt). I did on demand for morning and live webinar for the depth because that's where I wanted to improve the most.
  3. Civil/Structural 2nd time Pass Morning - I felt confident I got about 34. There were 3-4 that was 50/50 on and 2-3 that I just guessed. Afternoon - I felt confident I got about 24. There were about 6-7 where I narrowed it down to 50/50 and about 7-8 where I just flat up guessed. The two keys for me passing this time vs last fall was 1) knowing the breadth portion backwards and forwards to where I left myself some wiggle room in the afternoon. 2) solving the simple conceptual questions in the afternoon first and working problems easiest to hardest.
  4. I also took EET Structural for both AM and PM. I do agree that they did focus on indeterminate analysis and force/load effects far too much but it allowed me to view numerous examples which helped conceptually. They were great on both Steel and Concrete which it seems the depth focuses most heavily upon. One thing that helped maybe more than anything this go around was being more familiar with my references.
  5. Louisiana, Passed. Anyone readying this, please give EET a look. As the poster above me said I walked out of the morning feeling like I got 35-36 correct with no hesitations. Their notes were almost exclusively what I used during the exam and the practice problems were invaluable.
  6. ads0221


    I failed last fall and passed this spring. I took EET this spring, would definitely recommend it for the afternoon.
  7. Louisiana up. Passed Official email time 10:02 CST
  8. Civil/Str 2nd time taking it. AM - I felt good and I think this was where I improved the most from when I took it last fall, everything was pretty straight forward ended up guessing on 3-4. PM - I felt slightly better than last fall, I noticed that this year it was a ton of look ups and conceptual questions. I ended up guessing on 7-8 after I went through it the first time and wish I would have saved myself some more time to look up a couple more. There's nothing we can do now, hoping for the best.
  9. Breadth - Between a 1 and 2 Depth - 3 and will be a 4 by the end of next week.
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