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  1. Should now be able to ask NCEES via their chat. If it is real, they could verify that they released and will no longer get the 8-10 week response.
  2. @RBHeadge PE @DuckdudeThis may be worth an update and new thread for the current cycle. Unsure if is was updated to reflect last Oct. or not?
  3. @Rasha, first off I want to say is take a breath and go have a drink. Smile, laugh and do not allow not passing this cycle affect your upcoming exam performance. YOU GOT IT! So, now my input. In April '18, I took an failed the PE Civil Structural exam- ~41/42 correct or so if I properly recall. I went into the exam extremely confident as I put in a lot of time studying and preparing myself like so many of us do. I took the exam and felt confident in the AM and defeated in the PM. My results reflected my feelings. I spent too much time on the evening questions... I found myself thinking 'this question isn't too hard... but I need to search to find this one aspect'. 10 minutes later, I would be unable to find what I was looking for and realize I wasted a lot of time in doing the search. I had around 8-9 questions remaining when the 5 or 10 minute mark was called. The scramble was on. If you look at the exam specification, the last 6 questions are Codes and Construction questions. I pretty much had to read them and give it the good 'ole college try with a general understanding guess (unable to verify in the codes). When I received my diagnostic, I got 0 out of those 6 question correct. That was a killer in itself. Fast forward to this exam cycle (I found out yesterday that I passed the exam! Yes!). I maintained my study habits and expanded on what I thought I struggled with during the first exam in April. I remember thinking to myself that the topics I struggled with may not be on the next exam cycle, but if they are I WILL NOT LET IT GET ME AGAIN!. After reviewing material, something hit me- my 2 year old threw one of her toys and knocked me right in the head! (Remember, SMILE! LOL!) What I came to realize is this... I need to make sure to get those last 6 questions correct, 100% no doubt, correct. If you have all the referenced code books, those questions come directly from them. It's a look up problem, not solving a problem. So, at the beginning of the evening section this go around, when we were allowed to start I flipped to the end of the exam and started on the LAST question, not the first. I did the last 6 questions and then started back at the beginning once I answered the code questions. One right after another... Here's the answer, there's the answer, and so on. Very little wasted time. What it also did was 2 things... 1. After getting some of those answered as what I thought (knew) was correct, I found myself being more calm and having more confidence once I started in on the work out, technical, problems. Was a big plus to get that anxiousness out of the way immediately in the evening. And, 2. It allowed me to 'waste' the time on some of the design and detailing problems that I had previously spent too much time on with the whole 'I know how to do this, but I need to find some more information first'. I used all the time again in the evening portion, but when the 10-5 minute mark was called I found myself with 1 unanswered problem left. After finishing the exam, I knew I had a real shot at passing. Nervous still, but not deflated and defeated as I had felt in April. So, to me, continuing to study and gaining a better understanding with things I struggled with coupled with HOW I took the evening portion of the exam (doing those last 6 questions first) was the biggest influence on my end. Good luck to you on your upcoming attempt. Study from the material you will use during the exam. Make notes from practice exams (knowing the type of questions in them) but don't hand-cuff and crutch on finding things in material you are not that familiar with. Breathe and stay confident and calm! Good luck and I anticipate hearing from you once you have indeed seen that glorious green PASS!!!!!
  4. They sent an email and it was nearly instantaneously as the NCEES result update.
  5. I took the Civil Structural this past April and failed with ~42 or 43 and passed this exam. Now, before I state what I am about to say I am only stating what worked for me. Don’t sign up to take the review courses. The structural pe exam is long... I used every second, both exam cycles, and still wish I had more time. Not that that questions were ‘too hard’ but more of the questions just take time. I had a friend that had the EET binder and I gave it a look over after I failed in April and it seemed to be a GREAT resource for the breadth portion of the exam. Problem was, I felt good about the breadth section in April by only using the CERM. To me, the more material you have as a crutch, the more time you waste. For the morning I was CERM only with some other practice exam books. I familiarized myself throughly with them just so I knew where to find some of the ‘similar’ topic questions that could have been asked on the exam. Excess time is key in the am. Now, for what helped me tremendously. The exam schedule states the last 6 questions on the exam are code questions. Have all code books. As soon as the evening section started, I flipped to the end and did the last 6 questions. To me, if you have the material they are gimme questions. In April, I got the 5 minute warning and still hadn’t made it this far in the exam- thus nit having time to look them up. After receiving my diagnostic, that section I got 0-6 questions. To me, that was killer. So, I went into this cycle wanting to give myself he best opportunity to succeed so I wanted to make sure to get the last 6 correct. I am positive I got 5 out of the 6 correct (I did not have the AASHTO). After I found and answered all these code question, I went to the beginning of the evening section and started working problems like normal. so, what worked for me was HOW I took the exam, not necessarily the prep work. I will also say that after I took and failed the exam the first time, I better understood how I needed to study and know the code books better. I truly felt I knew the code books better after taking the exam than before (which was a good and bad feeling at the same time). keep your head up and keep expanding your understanding. Anyone who has failed the exam WILL pass if it’s something you truly want and realize how to better themselves and exam scores.
  6. You're close. A little more time and you got it! Keep positive.
  7. Passed PE Civil Structural (2nd attempt). Big weight lifted!!!!
  8. 1:38PM!! KY is OUT! PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  9. Yes, @hopefullyPE called as well. NCEES is stating that they have not gotten the authorization.
  10. Read some of the other topics. KYBOELS is stating they gave release approval to NCEES - NCEES states they have not received authorization.
  11. If the state mix-up would ever get resolved and they release results.
  12. I would have to agree. A polite call to only inform of this. As you stated, something is definitely amiss.
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