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  1. This is false. I passed in October and an hour before my results posted I could still register for all the PE exams. One hour later I had the green pass sign and then couldn't register for any exams from that point on. The true way to get your results early is constantly spam F5. Once you hit the 1,000,000 mark for refreshes they give you a pity pass.
  2. If you go their website it will all be on your login page. Mine just got issued today. In order to get a printable version I took the License number on my file and looked myself up.
  3. To everyone who passed congratulations. To everyone who didn't - stay the course! My biggest recommendation for resources in addition to the NEC and NCEES would be: Electric Energy an Introdcution (Sharkarwi), Power System Analysis and Design , Design Guide for Rural Substations (Free PDF online), and finally - the most valuable - Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications (Blackburn and Domin). The last one I would highly recommend reading from cover to cover. I credit each of these towards getting me a passing grade.
  4. Maybe they are at the Dentist.
  5. Regardless, everyone drive home safely this evening.
  6. Any Power Test takers in here?
  7. It would be great if they could ! I'm right there with you. Having all the surrounding states release results is what did me in.
  8. I could totally be wrong! Guess we will have to wait and see.
  9. That's when NCEES closes (they release the results for Colorado)
  10. Should we give up at 3:00PM MST?
  11. Same here. Rep said I had to talk to NCEES.
  12. What time doe NCEES close?
  13. Ah CDORA. The department of "We would really prefer if you email us" . When you do email them you get vaguely written answers with misspelled words and copy/paste answers. MY EIT application still says pending even though I just took the PE.
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