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  1. I passed mech HVAC. I can't believe it
  2. That was the email I just received at 3:25pm. Some FBPE account posted the same exact answer on this message board earlier this morning.
  3. I love Florida, but I hate Florida today. Let's see if results come out a minute after I post this
  4. I've been such a miserable person to be around the past 2 days Please Florida, hurry.
  5. Anyone starting to shift from anxious to angry? I just don't understand why we can't see our results yet.
  6. Looks like NCEES pass rates are updated. Not sure if this is old news. ME: HVAC 69% first timers and 33% re-takers. As a Florida first timer, my stomach is in knots.
  7. FBPE "reviewing for errors" Me for the past 3 days
  8. How come some states instantly release results and some states take their time? What errors could there possibly be? Why don't states like Maryland sit on their results and "review for errors"?
  9. There's an odd correlation with George W Bush in headlines and Florida taking a while to process records.
  10. Any ways to find out in Florida? When I search my name under Licensee Search I just have "eligible for exam", which was posted once all my docs were provided for the test.
  11. Are you getting emails before you know the results are up?
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