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  1. chiiidog

    Colorado Results!!!

    Thank god. I can relax now
  2. chiiidog

    October 2018 Results Map

    Colorado 1:10 MST PASS!
  3. chiiidog

    October 2018 Results Map

    I love Colorado, but I hate Colorado today.
  4. chiiidog

    Colorado Results!!!

    I work 2 blocks from the DORA office. Thinking of going on my lunch break and stealing the results (I'll be sure to post them here).
  5. chiiidog

    Colorado Results!!!

    DORA was presumably given the results today, and now the ball is in their court. They may release the results on DORA (but they probably need to input all this data manually), but they may also give the go-ahead for NCEES to "unhide" the results on your MyNCEES profile. Totally a guess, but that's how I imagine it works.
  6. chiiidog

    Colorado Results!!!

    Check the previous exam threads on here. Looks like April they released same day. Last October it was the 2nd day.
  7. chiiidog

    Colorado Results!!!

    It's the site you registered for the license on, behind a username & password