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  1. I was on the didn't pass side last April when three others at work did pass. I think it is perfectly fine to be excited about it for yourself and to let your co-workers know you passed since it is a big accomplishment. Just be courteous and don't sound like you are bragging about it, and maybe try to stay off the topic with your co-worker that didn't pass. Don't say how easy it was or that you will definitely get it next time, that pissed me off more than being happy for my co-workers that did pass.
  2. You can search your name there. NCEES hasn't updated yet though so I'm not sure if that means they are still processing. @RBHeadge PE not sure if we should remove it from the map until the NCEES results come out.
  3. No idea how it works but since NCEES hasn't updated yet it is possible.
  4. Just logged in to GA Secretary of State. Passed the 2nd time around!
  5. Georgia Results are posted on the Georgia Secretary of State Website. You can search your name and see it when you login.
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