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  1. You get 4 shots at it before having to reapply. I skipped one and failed twice. That’s what I was going for. Congrats all that passed
  2. Same. Really bummed. I improved from the 1st time but it hurts hard. I have 1 more chance to pass it...
  3. email at 2:37 results are out on NCEES for GA
  4. email at 2:37 results are out on NCEES
  5. hopefully that office will stay open.... i'm fully pessimistic on everything.
  6. State department is closed till10 am tomorrow due to weather.
  7. The only reason I can think of for this delay is the run-off election for SOS. However, they added 1 more person today... via comity.... Hoping the batch release the remaining 120 names this afternoon.
  8. They released about 30 names on the SOS website on 12/5... they are up to about 70. I was trying to think how many people took the exam in Macon... Maybe 300? If you say 60% pass rate then there should be 180 new licensees.
  9. Has anyone here taken the civil - structural? Or have an idea what order they have been releasing names? I'm in agony.
  10. Seriously... I'm losing my mind here too. Just tell me I failed already so I can move on....
  11. SOS website License Search is working for me now... I do not have a change in license type... 😱
  12. Even Florida beat GA releasing results... they can’t even count votes.
  13. OKAY OKAY. I'm going to the dentist... don't let them post it until I get done. Thanks
  14. I may have single handily overloaded their server...
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