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  1. @RBHeadge PE you're a boss on here. Thanks for the info and all you do!
  2. So Missouri just allowed NCEES to post at 4:45 EST, but NCEES hasn't updated results yet. Think they will do that after 5 EST? Or do I have to wait for tomorrow?
  3. BigPig3

    Missouri Results

    She didn't say how they would contact and was way off balance. Got super pissed at me too so I sort of dropped it. She said they had received the results but had not had a chance to look through them. When I asked, she goes "uh yes uh...can you hold?" so who knows if it will be today, tomorrow, or Christmas
  4. Created a profile just to pass along this info: I just called the Missouri Board. Contrary to what NCEES and the APEPLSPLA say on their websites, the state of Missouri will contact us once they have gone through the results. I was under the impression they would be released straight from NCEES, but that is apparently not the case. Good luck fellow Missourians! Edit: Phone call was made at 1:33 EST, 12.33 CST
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