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  1. GTTrekkie

    Results From October SE?

    I think the rank of "Purveyor of Falsehoods" threw me a little bit...
  2. GTTrekkie

    Results From October SE?

    I vote trolls... It's past 5PM in SC... but that didn't stop my stomach from flipping when I saw the post
  3. GTTrekkie

    Results From October SE?

    I don't think so. I called Texas Board, and they haven't received anything from NCEES...I was told to give it a few weeks... ha! yea right....
  4. GTTrekkie

    Results From October SE?

    It shouldn't have crashed cause of us, the PE folks were refreshing more than us. Its a sign!
  5. GTTrekkie

    2019 SE Exam Code Standards

    Looks like exam codes won't change for the 2019 PE Civil-Structural, so I assume wouldn't change for the SE either...(says 2015 but last 2 pages are for 2019) https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/Civ-Str-April-2015_combined-with-codes-1.pdf
  6. GTTrekkie

    Results From October SE?

    Since PE results started trickling out today, I'm guessing early next week, 10th or 11th...I've enjoyed all the SPAM in the PE forums! Those folks are ruthless!