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  1. I would be furious if I had paid for that. I mean, looks like decent info is there, but that's so unorganized and cluttered that it would be horribly inefficient to try and parse through all of that to study. If I were you I would definitely put the name out there to warn people of what they're getting into.
  2. I think the NCEES test was still valuable in the sense that the format of the questions were most similar to the actual test, and probably gave me the closest approximation of the pacing I needed on the test. However, I felt that the actual difficulty of the questions, for the most part, was on the lower end compared to the actual exam. For a general example on a scale of 1-10, for all of the problems that I worked and the actual test, I'd put the NCEES practice exam at a range of 4 to 7 with an average of 5, the actual exam at a 6 to 9 with an average of 7, Six Minute Solutions at around the same as the test, and CERM questions at 6 to 10 with an average of 8.5. Pretty arbitrary there, but just kinda how I feel; yes there was definitely overlap between the NCEES practice and actual exams, but if the actual exam was like the practice exam, I would have walked out of it confident as hell that I did well. Definitely still recommend everybody uses the official practice test though. Then again, it's hard to tell. We obviously can't compare them directly, and the actual test has so many more factors playing into it like stress and other people in the room, so they could have been very similar difficulty and I just felt the practice was much easier because I didn't have those extra factors playing into how I performed on each. Because of that though, I would say the Six Minute Solutions are probably the best approximation still, because working those for practice had me feeling like I actually felt during the test overall.
  3. The NCEES official practice exam is almost laughably easier than the exam, its a damn shame that their official practice is so different from the actual exam. Definitely do not just take only that exam. I think it is still worthwhile to go through, because I think it is equivalent to the easier problems on the actual exam, but you're in for a bad time if you think it will challenge you as much as the exam. I found the the PPI Six Minute Problems were a fairly good approximation for the bulk of the exam, difficulty-wise. Definitely some curveball questions in there, much like the actual exam, and there's not much you can really do to prepare for the real curveballs, IMO. I'm indifferent towards the CERM Practice Problems. I think if you worked through a ton of them, it may be useful in preparing you for some real curveballs, but for myself personally, I wasn't going to be able to devote that much time, and retain enough about those problems, to make it worthwhile. Didn't take any of the mainstream online review courses, just one in-person review offered by the MGEC for the AM session, so I can't comment on any of those. For those of you in MN (mostly twin cities area because it's held there in-person), it's only $50 for non-MGEC members, you meet 7 or 8 Mondays for 3-4 hours, and I felt it did a pretty good job of prepping me for the AM.
  4. MNgineer

    MN results

    Results are out, go get em! Got my email at 12:30, and I passed! 1st attempt at Civil Transportation. Kinda wish it was Friday so I could take off the rest of the day and go start slamming beers!
  5. MN results out, email came in at 12:30. I passed! Edit: 12:30 Central time, so 1:30 Eastern
  6. Ditto. I don't care about when the damn paper letter gets to me, just let me know I passed electronically for now! It's 2018 FFS, who uses paper records anymore? ...I mean, I know I'll save and cherish the letter once I pass, but I probably won't frame it or anything. Electronic notification is just fine for me.
  7. I've been tempted to instant message a couple of the MN board members that are showing up as active online...but I don't want to delay results any more than they are already, so I'm hesitant.
  8. PPI also lists rates back to 2013:
  9. I'm more anxious now than I was leading into the test itself. Every email notification on my phone is making my heart rate spike 😅
  10. Yeah, construction and water resources both down 5%. Ooof.
  11. Civil Transportation down 3% for 1st timers. Kind of expected that with how difficult the afternoon seemed.
  12. I have an inkling of doubt that it will happen today, because the executive director of the MN board isn't in the office today according to their lync status (wasn't yesterday either), and neither is one of the two people listed as responsible for verification of exam/licensure. Hopefully the executive director gave permission to approve results in their absence, and they have a bigger crew working on verifying, printing, and sending the letters out than just the 2 listed as responsible for verification (which I'm sure they do). Still hopeful though, and good luck MN bro!
  13. Waiting on MN as well. From what I gather, our delay is usually due to the fact that they wait to approve NCEES to release results until after they've snail mailed out the actual letter, not that we have any sort of extra deliberation. So, I'm hoping this time is like the last few tests and they release them by Friday, so that I can have a heck of a weekend. If that understanding is true, it makes me want to join the board as a volunteer after I pass to help get letters printed and ready to be sent off so that MN examinees can get their electronic results as soon as possible like so many other states. Delaying it just for snail mail is BS in my opinion.
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