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  1. NCBELS Calendar. Sorry folks its not going to be this week. They have all have a meeting in DC. Results will be posted after.
  2. I mean if Bruce Jenner can be a woMan, anything is possible....
  3. Def rushed through it. Didnt even catch it. lol
  4. I think it depends by state. I know NC required at 50% of experience be under a licensed engineer. You may be able to ask for a US requirement waiver and explain why.
  5. The sad part is, the devastation half of you will experience when the results ARE posted. The anxiety and loss of breathe moments before you sign in to the NCEES account, only to have your heart broken. But Good Luck! May 14th
  6. YUP! prepare for the heart uncontrollable racing, you frantically go to NCEES webpage and F5 a few times, only to was fake. 😥
  7. It'll be earlier than last April release. I got the results while in the delivery room for my 2nd child. It was a fail, but was lucky enough to have something else to occupy my mind. I dropped an F Bomb and went back to concentrating on delivery. But then passed in Oct...So there is hope for the future.
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