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  1. http://engineerboards.com/topic/32864-oct-2018-failing-scores/?do=findComment&comment=7532344 Someone said he got a 49 and that's a 69%, so I'd say the cut off it's about 50?
  2. Yes...I guess if you take off that long then it doesn't matter which prep you choose you'll pass lol. I was fortunate to do most of the stuff at home.
  3. School of PE was extremely helpful in my case, passed with first try, strongly recommended. I took off from work for about 1 month and literally just spent the time studying over their class notes, it was extremely helpful and detail. I was able to answer most of the questions with that. Felt really good when I'm outta the exam, and passed.
  4. Passed too!! I'll be back in May and join all the other trolls, I almost got trolled to a heart attack lol
  5. Made it.. thanks to everyone and i ma quit my job now lol ILLINOIS, 4:22 EST
  6. I'm doing this too: I love Illinois, but I hate Illinois today.
  7. I'm thinking it's all because I'm taking it in IL, I'm always the unlucky one T.T
  8. Who knows, maybe theyre updating so it will be out today. I have my bet @4:45 central time today.
  9. At least you guys are partially out.. you don't know how FAST they are at CTS.
  10. Lol so it sems like only us and Florida left, lets see who gets the prize for being the last state.
  11. It's funny that mine says endorsed instead of waived lol
  12. That sucks.. thanks for the info thou.
  13. But does post to CTS affect them allow NCEES from releasing it?
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