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  1. FYI Illinois does not consider Structural experience in your application for a PE license. They only count structural experience towards the SE license. So while filling out your application try to keep that in mind and highlight your civil experience.
  2. Y'all might wanna go buy some stock in Miller Brewing ASAP.
  3. When you hate a state they release results. Secret Charm!
  4. Also passed Civil/Structural. Congrats to all who passed and for those who didn't: this was my second attempt. Chin up! You got this!
  5. Illinois is out on NCEES @ 4:26 EST
  6. Can you do me a favor and hate Illinois next please?
  7. And you beat Illinois! Great day for you! Congrats.
  8. I'd say we're probably into tomorrow now. Emailed CTS and haven't heard back. Yesterday Carrie responded in under 5 minutes and we're going on a couple hours now..... Happy Friday?
  9. Mostly overwhelming loathing for IL followed by slight contempt for Justin
  10. States remaining (by my count): ND, SD, IL, FL, RI, HI & AK
  11. Woof. This sounds like a real cluster.
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