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  1. So it looks like either this week or next week the results for seismic/surveying will be released, I am hoping for this Friday, definitely do not want to wear mask again for 2.5 hrs.
  2. That sounds about right, but I think 37~40 will be ideal although it is quite difficult to achieve.
  3. What do you think the cut off for passing will be? 37?? 40???
  4. I just took my seismic exam today, anyone know when the results will be released? Thanks in advance.
  5. Let's hope for Wednesday, anybody ready for it?
  6. My best hope is that we don't need a human to give results, but some sort of computer AI can do it.
  7. I called the Board and got transferred to a lady who's handling Seismic Exam, she's out until the 14th of this month, this is not good.
  8. Yes, email is the only way. You can check the "PE lookout" thing but only if a license number has been assigned. Cannot work for most of the day, this is brutal, seismic is all I need to get my CA PE.
  9. Good predictions, I don't have a good weekend because of this and still waiting for it....
  10. I have not got my seismic yet, unless anyone who took it roughly the same time I did mine (11/5) please kindly share, I cannot wait.
  11. I wish... Hiner is good, almost comparable with the actual test. I think the book need more "word" problems, calculation problems are ok.
  12. I used Hiner, I do not know if I will pass, my last piece of the puzzle to get PE also. I am feeling good with 33/55, what is everyone take?
  13. I took my seismic exam on 11/5/18, when would I get my result back?
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