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  1. Tbh, watching the result release and reactions on live at this forum made me more nervous. But it was a thrilling (and fun) time. Thank you!
  2. LOL. I am glad you made it! I couldn't be prepared so much for the exam, so I decided that I would consider this exam as a simulation. This relieved me but I did the complete opposite. I bought myself fancy bath bubble soaps and took a nice bath at 8PM. I ironed my outfit for the day so that I could be the best dresser at least XD.
  3. My AM went really bad. I murmured the f-word countless times unintentionally of course. I was worried that I would get called out for being too loud. But I couldn't help being shocked and grunting at how tough the AM section was! When the lunch break started, I remember checking on the guy next to me to see if he thought I was a crazy person.
  4. I need to file an application and take two more state exams for civil-structural in CA. It's not completely over yet.
  5. haha, I keep thinking/worrying about 'what if they gave a pass by a mistake?'
  6. I feel horrible now how I whined to him about I didn't study enough. While we were waiting, he definitely was expecting that he would pass. I should have kept my mouth shut. I kept telling him I would fail and he would pass. Well, he read the entire CERM book. while I only studied for like 12-15 hours due to personal issues. So, I was sure that would be the case....
  7. I have a very smart colleague who also took PE exam with me. It was his 2nd and my first. He didn't pass but I passed. Since the office is really small, I want to do everything possible to encourage him and at the same time not to piss him off. What are some etiquettes you can think of? The first thing I am doing is not to talk about PE exam with everyone that I passed. Also I am not going to advise him how to study unless he asks. I know these are the obvious but I just want to make sure I don't upset him even more. I really care about this guy...
  8. Hey, I feel you. I first want to applaud your courage and discipline in taking this PE exam. I can't tell you so much about the AM section because I really made rough guesses on half of the questions. But, as for PM, I felt pretty confident throughout. Tbh, I didn't study for PM at all, because it directly relates to what I do every day at work. I have 40 months of work exp, so I was naturally "studying" for the depth portion over more than 3 years 8 hours each day. What were your weak parts in the depth section? statics/concepts? or code? I would suggest you directly study off the code. Try to design a concrete beam by following the ACI code. Try to design a wood joist by following the NDS. Try to design a steel column by following the AISC. Those codes also offer example books. Getting familiar with the code will allow you to better navigate them. So, even if you don't cover most of the concepts, you would be able to navigate yourself into the right section to solve questions. I hope the best for you! ** edit: I realized I misspelled PM for PE. corrected now.
  9. I think they said we are allowed to take EACH state exam ONCE. Technically, we could schedule the two different state exams once in the same quarter.
  10. I only went over NCEES practice book. I found their breadth a lot easier than the actual morning section. This really threw me off. It gave me false assurance that I wouldn't really have to study/read the material and figure questions out at the site. When I took NCEES exam, I solved and reviewed all the questions thoroughly and still had an hour in hand. But, in the actual exam, I only had 10 minutes to review at the end and rushed to mark the final answers. I think I made rough guesses on 20 questions! And I found NCEES depth (structural) a lot harder than the actual exam. I felt like I knew 50% of the practice questions while in the real exam I felt confident with 90~93% of questions.
  11. My coworker took the exam in TX. It's his 2nd time. I want to ask him how he did it before I tell other people that I passed. I should just keep quiet right? How do you wisely share pass/fail information with your colleagues?
  12. 8:19 results in. I still have two more exams to go. I honestly cannot believe I passed.
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