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  1. Did you feel like your undergraduate and/or graduate studies helped at all to prepare you for the PE? Surprisingly, I found both my undergraduate AND graduate school experience helped IMMENSELY. Many of the questions were answered *correctly based on my educational experience. I got a BEng and MEng in Environmental Engineering, but from two different schools. I think the Environmental PE was tailored very well to the actual Environmental Engineering curriculum. Don't know how it was for those of you who majored in Civil and took the Enviro exam. *I think, at least
  2. Yep, I brought my EERM, my NCEES practice exam, and a binder that contained my NCEES PE Reference Handbook and some bound loose-leaf papers with my own solutions to the NCEES practice exam. Didn't print anything else out or look at anything else because when I started reading the EERM I got so freaked out by how much I thought I needed to know, I quit gathering references immediately and focused on knowing everything about the three I did bring in -- knowing all the appendices and tables and where to find anything if I needed a quick reference. May not have been the most wise decision, but it ended up working out for me, fortunately.
  3. You know, I have an inkling that the cut-score for Enviro is pretty high this time. I also found this exam to be much easier than what I had anticipated from EERM or my practice exam. I barely had to flip through my references at all in the exam room, which was polar opposite to how it was when I was studying.
  4. Thanks, and congratulations to you too! I'm so glad you got what you worked for. Now to keep up on continuing ed and so that we'll never have to do this again EVER!
  5. This thread is specific to the Oct 2018 ENVIRONMENTAL PE Exam. *** DO NOT discuss specifics (exam questions, answers, problems, or solutions) of the Oct 2018 Environmental PE Exam. *** Some hindsight questions for you: As soon as you walked out of the exam room at 5 PM, how did you think you performed compared to how you thought you would prior to walking into the exam room? Did your results confirm what you felt walking out of the exam room? Did they confirm how you felt before you took the exam? After I finished for the day, I felt extremely well prepared with the three reference materials I studied with and brought into the room. I brought only a backpack with the three references, and a clear gallon-sized plastic bag of toiletries/necessities (one ruler, one TI-30X (I loathe it), floss, mouthwash, chocolates, tissues, earplugs, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, tampons, eyeglass wipes, etc.) and I just found out I passed yesterday. I was able to do a first pass on both the morning and afternoon sessions in <1 hour, then did a second pass in another ~1.5 hour, then a third, detailed review for the remaining ~1.5 hour. Overall, after the exam was completed, I felt extremely confident. Which is NOT how I felt walking into the exam room that morning -- I thought I was screwed. What about you?
  6. I left engineering right after I registered with NCEES to sit for the exam. I would have gotten: 1) a raise; 2) a promotion; 3) a bonus; and 4) reimbursement of my registration fee from my last company had I stayed with them and passed. Now I get nothing, and not even a reason to use the PE. But I was made to jump through flaming hoops to be granted permission from my state to register for the exam, so I had to do it, even if only for myself. For all who didn't pass this round, believe in yourself and don't lose confidence. Walk into that exam room like a sophomore/junior/senior and kick that test's ass. You're already more experienced and have more study hours in than most in the room -- that counts for a lot. YOU CAN DO IT!
  7. Never mind, that was just on my work laptop. eLicense Portal is fine on my phone. Which is probably a hint that i should get back to work...
  8. And of course Ohio PEPS eLicense Portal isn't working... 😒.
  9. Good luck everyone! Ohio's results have been released to us. Got what I wanted, I hope you do too!!!!
  11. Especially with my bloodshot eyes and frothing mouth. You're probably right.
  12. I work in the building right next to the Ohio PEPS. I could walk there without getting snowed on, and in less than one minute. I'm actually considering going there, knocking on the glass, and asking if they can confirm my suspicions that I failed...
  13. Who else got the "You Passed the PE Exam... Now What" email from PPI back on Nov. 2? Even though I logically knew it was impossible for the exam results to be released a week after we took the exam (or that I passed, for that matter), my heart skipped a beat when I saw the email header, then plunged into a dark, vengeful abyss when I realized it was a clickbaity email ad from PPI.
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