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  1. Thanks RB! More on the legal and ethical since that would be what could jeopardized one's license.
  2. Does anyone know the liability with signing a project on the side if one does not have insurance? What are things one should look out for or look into before signing a project on the side? Would this be considered moonlighting ?
  3. Congrats to all who passed this time around! Such a heavy load lifted! For those who did not, keep your heads up, it took me twice to pass mine, but i feel like i learned so much more through the second time studying. The extra studying helped solidify all the knowledge i gained the first time around, and I can honestly say, I am a better engineer for it.
  4. Keep your heads up, you will be get it next time, and in the mean time you will become alot more solid as an engineer through the extra studying that the first time passers will probably not get
  5. Talk about a close one! Passing in passing though great job!
  6. Yes a huge thank you to @RBHeadge PE and all the vets for keeping us calmed and informed. This was my second time here, thank God I passed this time around. I'll definitely be sticking around as I feel connected to alot of yal through all the misery of waiting and the joking around. Thanks again guys!
  7. Mech HVAC in Arkansas. Passed!
  8. sorry to hear that guys! You guys will get it in October. It took me 2 tries to pass this test, and i can say that i am way better for it. I feel like i am a way better engineer now than what i would have been if i passed the first time. I have learned so much since then through hitting the books and just the extra time to study. Keep your heads up!
  9. Passed in Arkansas! HVAC ! 2nd time. I was probably in the 55 range.
  10. So my coworker called the Arkansas state board person he received his "pass" email from to see why he was the only one who gotten an email, and she said that they were in the "H's" right now, and that everyone would hear from them today. The state board was surprised that NCEES had not released the results yet, they were under the impression that NCEES had already released.
  11. Any others from Arkansas receive an email from the State board? will probably be from a Linda Stone.
  12. my coworker got an email yesterday at 430pm cst , his last name starts with "F" , so if the state board closes at 5pm and opens at 8am, it's been almost 1.5hrs to reach the "N's" lol somehow im not feeling hopeful anymore
  13. An hour later, maybe they are sending the emails out individually by name? is his last name before yours alphabetically?
  14. I really hope not, still in the dark here in Arkansas but seems like my coworker was the only one to get an email from the state board yesterday. I looked up the staff directory from our state board and the person who sent it is the assistant director so it's pretty legit.
  15. Has anyone had any experience if the state boards send out an email to the people who pass first and then to those who fail? Do they send them out by discipline or all at once?
  16. How do you know Elec and Mech have been released? I thought everything was released all at once per state, didnt know they would release by discipline ? Can anyone shine some light on this?
  17. Dont forget to post your scores in the April 2019 topic to see if we can come up with a somewhat solid cut score for each discipline
  18. Looks like Missouri and Texas came out early this morning, still waiting on Arkansas to release here!
  19. A couple of things that I'm remembering now that I forgot to mentioned probably because of the thought that it was an indicator that I had failed were that at the bottom where it said sincerely it had a different name, it didn't say Linda Stone like the heading and email address. I know that my wife and I share her email so sometimes her name appears in the email address but my name appears after sincerely. The second thing I noticed was that at the very end the word "director" was misspelled it said "directo". Not sure if I would send a professional email with a misspelling like that, nowadays all emails will underline a misspell word in red so it would be hard to miss. It's super odd that no one in Arkansas is reporting anything, I think his was a scam or at the very best a slip from the state board. I dnt think it indicates anything. Will have to wait til tomorrow
  20. Thats stinks! Sorry to hear that! Was it some one you knew who was playing that on you?
  21. Neither have I. My only thought has been, what if the state board only sent out the emails to those who passed, and the people who fail will get theirs tomorrow. Man if so, that will stink!
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