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  1. That stinks! second time here taking the HVAC test, first time i did not feel good about it and missed it by 3 questions (48/80). This time around i feel better, but as you said, no way of telling, just hoping my score is high enough to ride the curve into freedom.
  2. I could be wrong, but i thought the cut score was the same through out, since the tests given in Oct were the same through out the nation? Based on info that was released from the Texas people who took it in Oct 2018, the raw cut score for the HVAC was a 51/80.
  3. aahh makes more sense now, thanks for the clarification. So I'm guessing their baseline is going to be something similar to October 2018? This is my second time taking the mech-hvac PE test, 1st time was Oct 2018. In October the raw cut scores based on what everyone was posting was a 51/80, do you think this April's cut score will be very similar to that? i missed the cut score by 3 and feel better about it this time around, so hoping to be just above the curve lol
  4. Could you explain a little further on "There weren't any new (pencil and paper) exams this session"? I'm not following.
  5. Yep i can think of at least one instance where 2 of the questions were identical and were back to back, i think it was in the PM. In fact these 2 problems were identical to a couple of questions found on their practice exam, and the way they worked them out in the practice test solution was a bit off, well according to how PPI and the 6 min solutions booklet worked theirs. So on the test, I worked them just like they did on the practice exam so I either got both right or both wrong lol I need to send them an email to make them aware of the discrepancy on the practice exam and possible the test.
  6. Is there a specific department that we send that to? There were a couple of questions on my exam that i wanted to bring up to their attention. I worked them through just like they did on their practice exam and the answer I got was exactly one of their multiple choices, but i was very doubtful about their solution process on their practice exam since it was different than the other study material I was working through.
  7. What exactly is the purpose of the survey? is this our opportunity to complain about errors/discrepancies on the test?
  8. What exactly is the purpose of the survey? is this our opportunity to complain about errors/discrepancies on the test?
  9. sounds like the start times depends on when the proctors want to start. Some will wait til everyone is there and some just want to get it rolling to get out of there sooner lol
  10. I took it in AR. Mechanical HVAC here. I saw a few other HVAC guys there too, but yes typically most are Civils
  11. That stinks!! you missed it by 1. I was 3 away with a 48/80. Hopefully we fall above the curve this time around
  12. So is the test suppose to start at 8am? A guy walked in around 735am as they were passing the test booklet. Luckily he was still able to take the test.
  13. I think it varies from administration. If you look on here at 2018 October's cut scores for the HVAC, the cuts score was a 51/80 raw. I think we can expect anything between 50-55 to be the raw cut score. I found a few questions in the morning part that were tricky, I came up with an answer and it was one of the multiple choices but then i remembered one of the items given had further values to be looked up and once i got those and plugged them in, the new answer was also one of the choices given. I think if a lot of people miss a certain question, they will consider it as a possible "bad" question and may possibly give credit for more than one answer. But thats up to them and their black magic to decide, hence why it takes for ever to give us our results.
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