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  1. My license got listed as well.
  2. I wrote my evaluator an email, This is what she said: Good Afternoon, You do not need to take any further action. License numbers are automatically issued bi-weekly for all eligible applicants who have passed all required exams and fulfilled the Livescan/Fingerprint requirement. Once all qualifications are met, the Systems Analyst completes the verification process and your license number will be issued. Your PE license number should appear in ‘License Lookup’ on the CA Board’s website. Your wall certificate will be mailed to you in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. You will also receive a plastic pocket ID card in the mail in approximately 12 weeks. If your contact information has changed since you submitted your application, complete the address change form located on the Board’s website:
  3. PE-CA-rys


    California is Out..... Passed!!!
  4. 1. Seismic or Surveying? Surveying 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 40 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 8 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 7 5. Did you pass/fail? Pass
  5. any update on surveying result? I hope they don't push it to tomorrow......
  6. I got my Seismic (passed), still waiting for surveying!
  7. I just received my Prometric authorization.
  8. I also got my approval on 11/20/2018 and still waiting for the prometric authorization. Do you guys know how much time they take to send out those authorizations? NikR, keep us posted if you get you prometric authorization.
  9. I am also giving up on the results for today
  10. I don't think so, I tried doing it a few weeks ago for a friend. Just to check if they have opened the registrations window
  11. I am logged in, no updates
  12. Any updates? I hope we get it today
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