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  1. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    I’m taking construction next time. I work more with construction than I do with new design anyway. I don’t know anything about moment frames, but I know how to get a good solid concrete slab and the measurements for aggregate mixture required for that Hope you passed this go around!
  2. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    We’ll get em next time man. It’s difficult day today but trying to stay positive
  3. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Working backwards from what I got, the cut score for Civil Structural seems to be 45/80. A lot of people must have gotten certain questions wrong
  4. I knew I bombed the afternoon portion when I left the exam site. I reviewed practice exams. Next time I’ll review both practice exams and take a course like Test Masters or something
  5. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Of course! And thank you for your hug. I now know about this board for when the 2nd go around of exams comes around
  6. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Hey congratulations! Well deserved after that hell wait
  7. Civil Structural/ Fail in the 40's. That's all I want to say on that. Better luck next time, I suppose
  8. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Congratulations on all you guys who passed
  9. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Seems about right. I picture a dozen old engineers huddling around some egg nog and playing cribbage whilst laughing at the young engineers still waiting on their results
  10. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Texas Results!!! Come out and plaaaaaay!
  11. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Ah I see. Well hopefully that won't have to be the case! Do you feel the courses helped? I didn't do any courses or anything of the sort, I just worked out a whole bunch of practice exams and then went over the practice exams. Hopefully that was enough
  12. 5 to 9

    Texas Results

    Thank you!! Likewise to you as well on the enviro exam!
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