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  1. Oh man, SLIGHTLY fake news on my part, CT results are out (email received 1:58pm EST) and should be all be out BY tomorrow! Passed Civil Structural! WHEW, LET'S GET LIT!
  2. CT out officially tomorrow. Hooray.
  3. Per the CT DCP: What. A. Treat. Embrace the suck as they say.
  4. Omg, get out!!! Tell me a year I should rabbit-hole down!!! Any gems??
  5. Liked "....with all of the b.s. flying around here"
  6. That engineers are this savage! My god, these photoshops are a real treat and mind-number for the impending future. My analytical skills are LOLing Wow, brava and bravo my lovely bunch of engineers! Keep this up. This is why I recently signed up! In Savagery We Trust.
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