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  1. Connecticut result out! I passed MDM, thank God!!
  2. Anyone who took the exam in Texas, please post the score with relative percentage, so the cut off score can be calculated.
  3. Thats true. Can someone post the cut off score for MDM?
  4. Congratulations!! What does the score say?
  5. What time did you receive the notification? Is it showing on your NCEES account?
  6. The exam was fairly difficult. Based on past surveys, I think a 50 would be a pass this time. And yeah, I am confident there were at least a three questions with errors!
  7. The MDM exam was relatively difficult. My guess 50/51 would be the pass score.
  8. Took MDM. I felt there were at least three questions with errors. In the past, for difficult exams the pass score tend to be around 50. If that's the case, I will likely pass.
  9. They go by the worst case scenario. I think they specify 'within' 8-10 weeks, which kind of make sense.
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