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  1. I was thinking that either I am destroying this exam or I am doing something seriously wrong ............But it felt phenomenal after I saw the "pass" on NCEES website. Thank again!!
  2. @McEng I followed your foot steps and finished the morning session in two and a half hours and the afternoon session in three hours. The result was........ I passed!! Thank you for your valuable input!!
  3. I would like to congratulate everyone that passed, cheers to you guys!! And those who were not fortunate enough this time.....Please, retake the test. I am a second time taker I scored 45/80 October 2018 and passed this April. You guys can do it......... I feel for you and strongly encourage you to retake it... Thank you to the great admins and people who are serving the engineering community with this great forum.....You guys are the best...
  5. NY is out!! 11.33
  6. I hope not! I just called Castle and they denied that and the guy told me that I will receive an email from NCEES 8-12 weeks after taking the test. I just need them to release so we can work......I can't think of anything but the freaking PE....
  7. I just spoke to the NY board and the lady from engineering said "You receive the results through castle before we even get them....You will receive an email from castle" To be honest I don't know what or who to believe at this point and why is it taking NY that much time...Historically NY is a 1st day state.
  8. If it’s 5:00 pm ET. Does that mean that nothing will be released from NY today?
  9. I am a second time taker. Last year's October exam results released on December 5th and NYS result released at 4.43 pm ET. I hope it's earlier than that this time because I can't work ......... Good luck to you all!!
  10. Nice....that's very comforting. I am happy for you and I thank you for your sharing this with me.
  11. This is the 2nd time taking the exam I scored 48 out of 80 in October 2018. I worked so much problems and three exams but still not sure that I have studied enough. Do you guys have any specific study plans to review for the next three weeks before the exams that you can advise me of doing? Let me know your thoughts and I wish everyone good luck!
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