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  1. Nice....that's very comforting. I am happy for you and I thank you for your sharing this with me.
  2. This is the 2nd time taking the exam I scored 48 out of 80 in October 2018. I worked so much problems and three exams but still not sure that I have studied enough. Do you guys have any specific study plans to review for the next three weeks before the exams that you can advise me of doing? Let me know your thoughts and I wish everyone good luck!
  3. Fady

    NY State

    True! Will do that.
  4. Fady

    NY State

    That's what I am thinking but I would give it a week or so before making a decision. Thanks!
  5. Fady

    NY State

    Ok, very good. I will think about it for a week or so before I make a decision. Thank you!
  6. Fady

    NY State

    Thank you! Let me ask you this since you are kind of experienced in taking the test...LOL. Would you advise me on taking it this April or wait to October?
  7. Fady

    NY State

    I failed too. Congrats to all that passed! @Workx Do we just register through the NCEES website, we don't need to go through the NYS board?
  8. Fady

    NY State

    It looks like it will be another sleepless night
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