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  2. If you haven't signed up for any courses yet and want to warm up for the PE Exam, I highly recommend the 5 playlists provided by Civil Engineering Academy covering the main topics of the PE AM section: Water Resources Transportation Geotechnical: Structures Construction
  3. I signed up since everyone recommended it and I really hope it pays off this time PE April 2019 exam is only 115 days away...So I need to start making a schedule...and get to studying!!! and why am I freaking out so much???!!!!! oh my god I can't breathe. <Hyperventilates>
  4. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Thanks for your time writing me your advice! I registered for EET depth and I have old notes for School of PE breadth (will April 2017 material be good enough?).
  5. Congrats on passing! And I honestly never practiced the examples in the PPI even though I have the book because of how intimidating the problems looked. But I will give it a shot during the month of January
  6. Thank you so much! I never thought of this...but makes sense. I will look up these texts and purchase them come next paycheck. It will be worth it.
  7. Thank you for your thorough input! Everyone seems to recommend EET for afternoon so I will definitely sign up for that. And I decided to start studying in January and attack the AM as thoroughly as possible
  8. I have taken the PE Civil - Structural twice and the following is how I did: April 2017 in Texas with a score of 26/40 AM & 22/40 PM October 2018 in California with a score of 22/40 AM & 21/40 PM. The first round I studied more and used only School of PE. I had three co-workers that used their material and passed the first time so I thought I had a shot, but boy was I wrong. I studied an average of 3-4 hours per night after work and 8 hours per day on weekends. For the second time, I didn't have time at all to prepare. I recently relocated to AZ and my company wanted me to get the CA license since 90% of our bridge projects are actually based there so I decided to take it in CA - San Diego so that I can make a "vacation" out of the weekend and check out our California Office. I moved end of August and didn't really study until mid September when I was settled so I had about only a solid month to prepare. Due to the moving expense and buying everything again (moved out of Texas with only my clothes and some kitchen stuff), I didn't have money to register in a prep course so I decided to enroll in the company's free PE course and re-use the school of PE notes. I had way too much material at hand and it got overwhelming but for the most part I felt like I may still have a chance to pass it the second time and I was sorely disappointed yesterday morning. With that being said, can someone help guide this lost soul on how to properly prepare? what material I need? what practice books are a good purchase? what is the best study schedule? I am fortunate that I don't have to buy reference manuals since my company's library lets me borrow them all (so if you have more references you recommend, let me know so I can see if the library has it!)
  9. Where was the location of the testing center?
  10. I am on the same boat except I failed structural twice. I would love to get ideas from Civil - Structural examinees here and not study by myself
  11. CA - Civil Structural - Failing score 43/80
  12. I know the feeling and it sucks. I feel lost. I covered material that I didn't cover the first time around. I studied one month when I took it April 2017 but changed that to two months for Oct 2018 (3 hours per day after work and 8 hours per day on weekends). Maybe finding this forum will help me gather more resources...but I am completely discouraged and disappointed beyond belief
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