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  1. Still says "PASS". Had to make sure it was real
  2. Has the SCLLR website updated for anyone? Still says pending exam results
  3. Done. Will keep ya posted
  4. Nah he is retired now. I don't want to bother him
  5. Looking at the April thread, I think contacting the person who sent you your exam authorization is a good person to ask. Person from April said that is who sent the exam results. I'm to nice to bother them but I'd love for you to lol
  6. They probably have a clause that if you leave the company within X amount of time then you owe a portion of the fee back. At least that is the way my company operates.
  7. your work doesn't pay for the exam? that's some shit
  8. I see how they are doing this, no bordering states so far. That means NC or SC is next. Maybe CT
  9. Thanks. Keep us posted. I know one of the guys on the board so maybe I should call him
  10. I'll drive up to clemson to get my results today
  11. I guess you're right. They've only been first day one time in the past few years. this fucking sucks
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