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  1. My license was just issued as well.
  2. Seems to me like a pretty clear indicator that you passed and are now a professional engineer. Congratulations!
  3. I called twice yesterday and it was unhelpful. One person didn't know what the "Pee Exam" was. The other didn't answer. ...let us know what they say.
  4. Ah, ok, so this is Stage 5. I was wondering when it'd show up.
  5. Ha! There's the joke! I wouldn't count on it.
  6. of course it makes me feel better!
  7. Screenshot is from my DORA status page from yesterday. I've tried calling the DORA number and the CS rep I got had no idea what I was talking about. I also tried to call the licensing office directly but it went to voicemail. Anxious.
  8. NCEES has released the official update: https://ncees.org/update-october-2018-exam-results/
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