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  1. @ct27gt Fair enough, my friend. I'm going to delete these posts now. Good luck (if you haven't passed already), and congrats if you have! -Terry
  2. Awesome, Sir! Looking forward to hanging around.
  3. Dude, @RBHeadge PE, thank you so much for all that you've done this cycle! Seriously doubt that many of us would have kept our sanity if not for your efforts. Next time you're in Chicago, beer's on me! Thanks again! -Terry
  4. As if i didn't have enough reasons to move to Australia, now you're telling me you have MEGA-STEERS?!! Honestly, I was already sold on the vegemite sandwiches.
  5. Although I don't normally believe in superstition, I've decided that I must post to the spam thread before the release date, just in case the PE gods try to smite me for my blaspheming. Praise be to NCEES.
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