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  1. PE-2B

    Texas Results

    If you’re in Texas, the TBPE website will have an exam score section on there. I don’t believe any other state does that.
  2. PE-2B

    Texas Results

    Agreed. They decoupled the exam as soon as I was eligible for the PE. Wish I could've taken it back when I graduated and then happily wait for the experience. It was nice not having to get all my ducks in a row before the exam, though.
  3. PE-2B

    Texas Results

    I got an 82 on structural!
  4. PE-2B

    Texas Results

    I'm assuming they haven't uploaded the scores yet, because I get this: "The system could not locate a grade based on the criteria specified." Maybe they have my info wrong in the system? Will update if anything changes..
  5. PE-2B

    Texas Results

    I'm structural, where do I get the score?
  6. PE-2B

    Texas Results

    PASS!!! What a great feeling! I'm assuming the score has yet to be put up on the website?
  7. Don't even try, I already consulted the Ghost of Christmas yet to come. All he did was point me to the nearest grave.
  8. Welp, my F5 button will be broken by tomorrow afternoon.
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