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  1. Thank you. How differently did your second study go? what did you change and focus on?
  2. I did take the FE CBT. I don't have a preference on the exam format, either is okay. But I'm so unsure of what differently to do (study) this time to be able to score better next!
  3. I really liked their ref they had. I might look more into them! Thanks.
  4. I scored 80% in my NCEES Practice test at home but didnt clear the exam!!! Not sure what different I need to do now!!!
  5. Can you please provide me a list of books you followed? I used MERM, PPI Practice Problems, NCEES Practice Problems, Testmasters manual. Also which book you followed for Material Properties? I scored so low on that as I did not have any direct ref!
  6. All, Unfortunately I didn't pass this April! Sucks! I thought I did good enough to pass. Took the Mechanical - MDM version. Sucks to see the pass % also! Terrible! Questions: 1. Did you'll attempt the 2nd time immediately the next available exam? Or does it help to wait and take a year later? (April 2020?) 2. What different did you'll do the 2nd time? Different materials? I took Testmasters prep and thought it didn't cover the depth of the MDM which is where I think I lost more problems! How are the other offered courses? SoPE? Dr. Tom's? EngPro? Any suggestions? Very de-motivated to go through the process again, but I want to. So any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. @Fissy_PE Thank you so much for the information! It really helps trying to get an idea of how the environment would be like.
  8. Just FYI I'm giving the Mechanical - MDM PE exam. Need advice please: 1. I drink a lot of water; do I need to carry an empty bottle or will there be water station to drink close by the testing room? 2. Besides books, calculator, watch & necessary ID, what all is a must? Can keep wallet with us? 3. I'm assuming there is no restriction to the number of books we can carry, if yes, how did you'll take all the books to the examination hall? What all are allowed and whats not? 4. Are the restrooms far off? I'll plan to reduce my water intake if so. 5. Exactly how much time is the lunch break before one has to report back for the afternoon session? 6. It says no pencils, so I guess they will provide pencils and workout papers? Eraser? 7. Most of material is in pen, except a few lines in them where I scratched with pencil, is this okay? 8. Is the table/desk big enough to keep more than one book on the desk besides the worksheet? Thank you for your advice, guys. Really appreciate it! Good luck to all test takers next week.
  9. I need this. Do you have the latest version? How much?
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