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  1. There is another rhyme with the Jay-hawks us other teams in the big 12 like to chant..
  2. French dip, which i thought would be close to a chicago Italian beef. It was not as good sadly
  3. saw the movie king arthur legend of the sword on a flight to houston. Honestly had better hopes for it, it was awful story line and choppy the whole way through.
  4. Well I finally caved. Started watching game of thrones on Sunday morning. Was up till 1130 Sunday night still watching. It pains me to say it, but it is fantastic. Already hate a few people (I got to middle of season 2) I hate sansa, the queen (obvio) joffrey (cause poor little butcher boy and the dire wolf did not deserve to die) and the woman of the light jerk face. Honestly dont mind the imp, he is pretty funny tbh. The whole series so far reminds me of the game skyrim.
  5. The new spider-man is really good. It is essentially the similar mechanics and moves to the old game, but with a better story line and obviously updated graphics, smoother, etc. But if you ever reminisce about the old game, this one will make you happy.
  6. I played infamous 2 awhile back and just started the first one infamous. Storyline is better in this one but the gameplay is def better in the second one. I keep switching between rdr2, Witcher 3, Spider-Man and replaying blossbournw. I get way to distracted to stay with one game. But I do need to get into Witcher more I feel everyone seems to love it.
  7. Agree with the Packers assessment, but the Broncos easily just hired the hottest name in coaching coming from the D-Coord. Position. Granted, up until his years in SF he wasn't well known. After turning that defense around, then coming to the Bears and doing the same thing with nothing during the Fox Era, and now add the amazing job he has done with the great players, Broncos got a good coach. Does that mean he will be a good HEAD coach, who knows. But that defense just got a hell of a lot better with him calling the plays and schemes.
  8. Has anyone watched Silicon Valley? Wondering how it is..
  9. Wow. Just wow. Chargers didn’t even put up a fight. Eagles looked good first half, but saints def looking better now.
  10. For sure rooting for the colts in the AFC. NFC going all in on the Rams now since Cody parkey cant make a freakin 43 yard FG and we lost to the eagles... So basically Rams/Colts SB
  11. Tbh those golf carts are a lot of fun. those old people supercharge em and add radios and fans for AC style. Surprisingly a lot of them can hit speeds of 50cc bikes.
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