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  1. chart94

    EB Mafia

    Well why would I change my vote with you suspecting me when I am a townie!
  2. chart94

    EB Mafia

    if i change cheb... and thats a big IF, who do you think?
  3. chart94

    EB Mafia

    im sorry @ChebyshevII PE, but you just seem more unusual this round. I @tj_PE cast my vote for @ChebyshevII PE.
  4. chart94

    EB Mafia

    can we get a vote update? @tj_PE
  5. chart94

    EB Mafia

  6. chart94

    EB Mafia

    WOAH WOAH WOAH!! why am i always a suspect every round now?! i am not maf!!!!
  7. chart94

    EB Mafia

    it is from the three stooges, later revived by supernatural in Dr. Sexy MD scene. highly recommend both shows.
  8. chart94

    EB Mafia

    frick!!!! we are gonna have a tough time this round. FRIIIIICCCCKKKKKKK. Hopefully the JOAT is able to find out something tonight...
  9. chart94

    EB Mafia

    i thought i posted 5 already but maybe that was 4/5 im sorry i just got done helping the intern learn how to do design reviews.
  10. chart94

    EB Mafia

    I dont think i ever voted for @NikR_PE.... but i guess i roll with it now. @tj_PE 4/5
  11. chart94

    EB Mafia

    need to go teach the intern how to do a design review until later 3/5
  12. chart94

    EB Mafia

    i just came back from a nice 3 mile walk with my dog 2/5
  13. chart94

    EB Mafia

    What did i miss besides @NikR_PE unjustly and maliciously attacking me? 1/5
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