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  1. Yeah... I was a bit slow today in seeing you were making that joke too. Lol my bad
  2. Comparatively considering some of the transmission style units which are a lot bigger. For dist. design, yeah I guess about average, but we are moving towards larger units at a lot of places.
  3. It is a small unit only 7MVA
  4. At least a smoke and a pancake or something
  5. Hour 3 of transformer witness testing for a unit my company is buying. Started at 11 pm and will probs go to about 7 am today as long as everything goes right, followed by a 3 hour drive back home. Wish me luck..
  6. Was pretty good. Will Smith was funny, just didn’t have the same kinda powerful singing as robin but that may be because I was used to it. Overall it was solid, Jafar had an interesting back story and I thought Aladdin got better as the movie rolled on. The only part I felt was forced was the Jasmine storyline. Def worth a watch I think.
  7. About to see Aladdin in 3D will update.
  8. Yeah... No on the seahawks. They had a lot of lucky breaks in terms of their defense. Those guys played wayyyyy above their actual ceiling. They will come back down to earth this season imo
  9. Did not agree with Jon being sent back to the wall. Felt like a cheap way to get rid of any questions regarding the throne whether it be the north or the 7 kingdoms. It didnt make sense with respect to the rest of the story, especially becasue the only ones mad at him were the unsullied. That brings up the question as to how any one knew what happened to dany as drogon flew away with the body... also the unsullied had literally no power in that situation/sailed off after so how would they even know? Another point is regardless of dany freeing them, they are a rank and file society. They have been brainwashed for years not to have emotion/attachement and follow those in power. So after Jon gets rid of Dany, I find it hard to believe they would still only follow grey worm and not the new "king" or person above grey worm whether grey worm accepts that person or not. Idk i was not satisfied with the way things ended for almost everyone besides Arya and Tyrion.
  10. BWWs Spicy garlic wings and buffalo chips
  11. 2 eggs, black coffee (12 cup pot)
  12. not entirely sure, I knew about the EE department but i also just looked at their site and the only two engineering programs accredited by ABET at Stanford is Mechanical and Civil. Seems crazy to me..
  13. Fun fact, Stanford's EE department doesn't have ABET accreditation
  14. Congrats everyone!!
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