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  1. Finally got my license number today!
  2. Before I took the PE, I hadn't played any new console games in ages. Told myself I would get a switch after I got my PhD, but I never did. Then I said the same thing about my PE, but then wasn't going to again. Finally my wife had enough of my indecisiveness and bought one for me for Christmas. For those talking about BotW, damn what a good game. I've been a Zelda fan all my life, and it's got to be my favorite game of all time, hands down. I haven't finished yet, but the difficulty is definitely higher than past games in the series (which has been a breath of fresh air). The cut scenes are awesome as well.
  3. Still haven't gotten anything by mail, whether electronic or snail. Anybody else in the same boat?
  4. I haven't gotten anything in the mail or email. I did email them about a change of address on Monday, and they got right back to me to say they changed my address. It did later show up in my online account as my new address, so they must be doing something....
  5. Haha nope, I wrote two separate checks, one for $75 and one for $80. Not sure why they told me to pay the activation fee before I even passed the exam, but at least my bank has pictures of both checks.
  6. Nice, I figured as much. I believe I already sent in a check for $80 before the test, as I called when I got a letter in the mail and they told me to do that. Only time will tell I guess.
  7. I owe what I imagine was a really good morning section to the CERM.... because my afternoon section likely sucked and I did pass.
  8. BTW, my checklist page is still not updated. I think I must have someone handling my application who doesn't like computers or something....
  9. To all of you posting screenshots: my list has almost nothing checked off. Did you all take the FE in New Jersey as well?
  10. Hopefully today is the day!
  11. If you've got no shear studs or anything similar, I wouldn't design as composite. While you might get significant composite action in the field, you can't guarantee that you'll have it without shear studs or channels or something to tie the concrete deck to the steel section. Assuming non-composite is the conservative choice here.
  12. It's said that since before the exam. Just means the application is in their system. As NK said, Monday is the day!
  13. Try calling or emailing the NJ board tomorrow.
  14. I did email the NJ board a little while ago. Not sure if I'll get a response, because it was the generic "ask consumer affairs" email.
  15. NJ is still remaining too. We have like two people who have gotten some unofficial results, nothing from NCEES yet.
  16. Hey now, don't leave out the dirty Jerz. We had like two people report ambiguous results on EB.
  17. As of 3:16pm EST, NJ has not given NCEES permission to release the results. I finally broke down and asked in the NCEES chat. I'm scared of calling the NJ board, because if all of us call it's probably just going to take even longer for them to do whatever the heck they are doing right now.
  18. I took it in NJ because I could be licensed about one year earlier than I could be in PA (where I live and work) due to the type of experience I have. I won't be stamping anything for basically years anyway, because I'm a bridge engineer and our project managers or CTO are licensed in multiple states and typically stamp all the drawings. By the time this process is over I'll have taken a year off my life from the stress, so maybe I should've just waited the extra year and taken it in PA....
  19. I took it at the Trenton site. We had construction sounds in the exam room all day because they were working on the damn roof. Glad I brought earplug (even though I almost never can wear them).
  20. Anybody seen any movement on the checklist? I feel like every moment that goes by with mine not updating means the chances I failed are increasing. God this sucks.
  21. Did you see it on the NJ license checklist? Same. This is so nerve wracking. I wonder if the NJ board knows that we're all looking at that checklist? Maybe they wouldn't update them one applicant at a time if they knew... I think I'd rather the whole state find out at once, even if it's not on the first release day.
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