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  1. I feel like I studied about the same, with similar material. I took Zach's course twice for Oct 2018 and Apr 2017 and I thought both those times I had it in the bag and ended up doing about the same 40/80, 42/80. I personally know of someone passing the test with maybe 2 weekends of "studying" but then again I also believe there is a heavy amount of luck involved in this test.. In any event, I am not going to bother with theory too much, I'm simply going to try to just get more and more familiar with problems and references to better navigate the test. There are some areas where I simply won't be able to master enough to do well on an exam like this. I have accepted the fact that it will take multiple attempts for me to pass this test but I will keep going until it's over with!! This was my 4th attempt. Don't give up!! I may buy the PPI practice exam book this time around.
  2. Seriously like no kidding I don't think there was any amount of studying I could've done for this last one that I feel would've made me pass. But then again luck is a big part of it. It just hasn't been my turn yet.. just not sure what to study anymore. I have tons of practice problems, Zach's notes and tests, pro guides sample problems, gaffeos, etc. Just don't know where to turn to anymore!
  3. Wow. I'm just happy the time you put in have you the result deserved! I tried Zach's class 3 months for Oct 2018 and free retake for April and I still fell short.. this time around I just did practice problems but it's so hard to study for a test you don't know what's on it.. it's disheartening..
  4. Congrats on your passing!!! I know it's subjective, but do you think you really did something different this time to pass!? I failed my 4th attempt but I have baby #2 coming in April so I'm not sure I'll take it but then again, I know people who have passed the test with literally 1 week of studying.. any advice? What did you do? I'm not giving up as hard as it is to keep going after fails
  5. This was my 4th attempt. I honestly don't think you could focus on the "weak" areas based on this diagnostic I mean as LyceeFruit stated in another post, one exam cycle you could do above average in one topic, and worse in another even though it's your "weak" area. I did fairly poorly this last time. I also attached April 2019 and October 2018.
  6. tmntjmc

    CA Results!

    CA is out now, I failed... 4th attempt.. 😪
  7. I am awaiting CA results (4th time taking Power PE). I've taken a couple of review courses but honestly I think there is a large part of this that is just plain luck. I know of a mechanical guy who took the power PE and passed with just 1 reference manual. A lot of luck involved and an impossible test to study for. The stars just have to be on your side along with a decent amount of studying just to get your bearings right.
  8. tmntjmc

    CA Results!

    Been suffering for the last 3 attempts, so this 4th one just feels so routine it's sad.. In any event, congrats to those that passed! I'm at peace with whatever the outcome.. Best of luck! - suffering CA resident.
  9. Hey, I know of a couple of people that keep taking it and when they passed they say "I don't know how I passed" which tells me it's a big part of luck that determines the outcome. Let's hope you and I and many others can keep shooting the darts until we hit the bulls eye! I only hope I can keep my willingness to sit in time after time because it's draining.. Part of my wishful thinking is maybe at some point, the committee gets tired of seeing my name on there and just passes me based on the number of attempts lol. 🤣
  10. I've known plenty of "I barely studied" peeps throughout school and college, and I knew they had this ego thing about them, but trust me this guy could care less about any recognition or attention. Very humble guy. In any event, I pray that we pass!! we deserve it!! I hope lol. This is attempt #4. Let's see what happens.
  11. Wow, I give you props for not giving up. Though idk how many more "punches to the gut" I can take willingly. It's so hard knowing that there's really no way of studying for this exam, luck has to definitely be on your side.. we'll see =/
  12. That's the worst part about this exam, that you can take all the "guaranteed pass courses" and what not but when it comes down to it, you could have every imaginable reference with you and study for 3 or 4 months and it still won't prepare you for what may be on the exam. I seriously felt that no amount of studying could have prepared me for this exam session. And that's the worst feeling because I feel like I can't do anything to get this thing over with.. It's a punch to the gut every time..
  13. It's very true, he seems to be a genius when it comes to taking these types of tests. He doesn't just have an ME and EE PE., he also has LEED AP, CEM, and a ton of other ones.. If you think about it somebody with zero knowledge could very well pass this test just on sheer probability though it's unlikely he seems to have the wits for this sorta thing. In any event it's very discouraging to get the fail almost like a punch to the gut everytime
  14. I'm a service planner/ designer for Anaheim Public Utility. It's odd we don't use any codes per say, we reference GO 95. Anyways, yeah I'm pretty bummed about this being my 4th attempt and feeling bad about it..
  15. This was my 4th attempt and man the afternoon portion was so bizarre to say the least. I was shocked about how different it was, and how confused I felt about it. I felt really good about my 2nd and 3rd attempts and this one I feel poor to say the least. May luck be on our side folks. I know of a guy who is a ME background and passed the EE PE with 1 day studying/gathering references.. I'm shocked that my luck hasn't been this good yet.. 4 times is taking it's toll on my soul
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