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  1. Same here.. I failed 3rd time in April.. I actually had the Zach Power PE access for both previous attempts and I felt it did help but I still couldn't manage to pass. I'm just as confused as you, at this point I am not sure if just doing pure practice problems would be best.. I'm planning to sign up and hit it hard again, but not sure how to tackle it this time.
  2. I can speak for CA but not so sure about MA, but I got a BS EE and after failing the EE exam, I went with the "Other Disciplines" aka "general" and finally passed that. I had the option to choose any since when you get an EIT certificate it doesn't say what discipline it is. it's just a general certificate that is overshadowed by the PE anyways. Best of luck.
  3. Exactly how I feel. This is my third attempt (PE Power). It's crazy how every time the test is vastly different from the last. This time at least I got the direct from NEC questions right.. other than that who know.. at a raw score you need 56/80 to get 70% so I'm not sure I got that many correct..
  4. This will be my third time taking it, and I can't say I have studied anymore than my previous attempts but I am also way more at ease and at peace with this attempt. I know I have my references and will do my best. I know of a few people that are a completely different discipline yet managed to pass it somehow. There is definitely a big element of luck that can play for or against you. Best of luck to you.
  5. tmntjmc

    Texas Results

    Thanks for the encouragement. I will sign up for April again. The thing that sucks is that I know the test will be very different this next time so I can't really study my "weak" areas because they will change on the next exam.. I guess I will just do many more practice problems.
  6. why wouldn't we be able to use reference books? I think if they made the test CBT we would just input our answers electronically but I don't see why that means we can't use reference books.. BTW Thank you guys for chatting with me during work lol. I work for the city but it's a slow day today, a somber day after the FAIL notice.
  7. Will do. I wish the test was CBT because I already kinda wanna hit the books but I don't retain long term memory study material.. If it was CBT I would retake it in 1 month and brush up and add more study to what I already have and my references. I'm not sure what more I could add to my references without adding unnecessary bulk.. Reference List What do you guys suggest to add to my references? I have The Electrical Engineer's Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam A. S. Graffeo, PE PE Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Practice Exam Ncees NEC 2017 NESC 2017 Ugly's Electrical References, 2017 Edition FE Reference Book Multiple binders with tabs sections and sample questions
  8. I literally just saw your response and shot him an email all but 5 min ago. We will see what he says I did use his site for 2 months so hopefully he lets me have access again for the April exam.
  9. I took it Oct 2017 and Oct 2018 and failed both times, now looking to take it in April again, and again, until I pass. What practice exams would you suggest? I know there are thousands of different perspectives on advice. I've taken the Electrical PE review course online and I thought it did help but I can't muster the justification to spend another $$ on a review course since my job wouldn't pay for anything even if I pass. This go around I'm just going to focus on doing sample problems over and over, not really learning the theory.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I will give it another go in April.
  11. First of all congrats!! This was my second time taking the power test and I felt I did very well. I'm still shocked I didn't pass. 45 was my Raw score.. What's worse is I actually took a review course (Electrical PE Review) and put in hrs on hrs and still missed the mark. I'm really not sure how to better prepare next time as I already felt I was doing well..
  12. I got the same exact score as you.. 😌
  13. tmntjmc

    Texas Results

    They give you a percentage if you passed the exam? I thought all you got was a "PASS" and then link to the license application? Either way I didn't pass so I'm happy for all who passed, and discouraged for my results since I felt confident..
  14. totally agree, although I took the Power exam, I definitely felt way better about this time, but actually didn't do much better than my 1st attempt.. very discouraging knowing I have to retry and who knows how those results will differ..
  15. Congrats to you!! I failed... second attempt, now third try upcoming in April 😫
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