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  1. You took off work for 1 month?!?
  2. Overall I think the NCEES test was the best. There were some questions that didn't belong anywhere near the AM section. Agree
  3. Luckily I had a wood class in school and that's what I do almost every single day. I did the same thing as you. Pick one thing that you are bad at and don't worry about it. For me that was masonry. I guessed on every single masonry question.
  4. Isn't that really expensive though? My firm is super cheap compared to others, they just gave me $250 + exam fees + the day off. So I was just able to buy practice exams, some reference materials. Luckily I borrowed the CERM from a coworker. It seems like other companies pay for entire $1000 (or $2000+) review courses.
  5. I have seen people ask if they needed to take a review course (this thread on reddit). I don't think so because I just sort of self-studied and that worked for me. In your case do you feel like you could've passed with just self-study?
  6. Yeah I felt like some of the AM questions belonged in the PM sections of the various depths. That was frustrating ...
  7. I thought the CERM Practice Manual was not useful at all. Also Aliakbari's practice structural was heavily littered with errors to the point that it was not helpful at all. I thought NCEES obviously was good, PE Prepared LLC was good, CivilPEPractice.com was alright but it seemed like they just copied questions out of the NCEES.
  8. While preparing for the PE Exam I found it extremely difficult to find good practice exams, especially online (ones where I didn't have to go through an expensive review course). Did you find the same thing? What Civil PE practice exams were most helpful?
  9. I did pass. I saw a friend/ former classmate at the PE Exam and we have been emailing back and forth since then. Once the results came out we immediately emailed each other. Hard to be happy I passed when my good friend failed.
  10. 49/80, Civil Structural EDIT: This was a friend
  11. Utah is out! 12:55 PM MT, 2:55 EST Passed!!!
  12. "On principle, I never say something that someone else is trying to get me to say" -Ron Swanson I'll say whatever I want to say and PETA can say whatever they want to say.
  13. I guess it's because TB believes in "1)lengthen, 2)elongate, ..."
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