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  1. Does anyone else have the experience of working exclusively in 1 material (for example at a steel fabricator or a precast concrete plant) and needing to show competence in 3 out of the 4 main building materials? This is currently my situation, I am just wondering how everyone else handled it. I called my state board and they basically said that as long as I have some experience with each material (she gave the example of 200 hours) reviewed by an SE, AND as long as you have passed the SE exam then they don't have any reason to reject your application. I texted a friend
  2. Yes, a thing of beauty and a joy to use. If I fail the SE and they change codes then being able to use this table will be the lone ray of happiness.
  3. Anyone else sign up for the SE exam yesterday as it was the first day to register? I think that I should probably do practice exams with a mask on to get used to it since that is probably going to be the situation.
  4. It is my impression that this is when someone takes the exam as the label on the axis says "Year Exam Taken". This is for both first time takers and repeat customers per the note at the upper right of the graphic.
  5. Just saw this graphic in the NCEES 2019 squared report and I thought that it was interesting. Over the last 4-5 years people are waiting slightly longer to take the FE exam and are taking the PE exam slightly earlier than before. Any ideas on why this is? For the PE exam possibly states relaxing laws on when you are able to take the PE exam? Also it looks like average age to take the SE exam is about 36. Anyone willing to volunteer their age? I will be 30 at this October's test.
  6. FYI there is a Free Basics of Bridge design seminar spread out about 1-1.5 hours a day for 4 days. Link below. I thought it might be a good way to learn bridge topics for the SE exam. http://aisc.org/bridge-workshop
  7. I posted this email correspondence on a previous thread but thought it might be useful to you here. This is a reply from a helpful employee from NCEES following an inquiry I sent similar to yours. "As you know, NCEES does not release numeric exam scores; component results are reported as acceptable or unacceptable only. Therefore, when a results notice informs a candidate as having unacceptable results, it was for the entire component (morning and afternoon portions). There is no "pass" or "fail" of the morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) portion separately. A candidate must perform at
  8. One other thing that came to mind today on this was AISC Appendix 7 material - effective length method and first order analysis method. By the way Titleistguy, you have been bragging about David Panella's book so much that I bought it! I am excited for it.
  9. So I am anticipating that "Code coefficients and tables" under the heading of "Load Distribution and Analysis Methods" is going to make up somewhere between 0/40 and 1/40 of the AM portion of the Vertical exam. I have started studying "Load Distribution and Analysis Methods" because it is the section that has the most questions(20% according to the exam spec, who knows if that is correct but that is the only information NCEES will give me 😉). So, seeing as there is a good possibility that there will be a question regarding this, it seems prudent to try and get a general feeling of what they me
  10. Totally agree with you on reading all of the codes, RP. Like every single line AND commentary of every single code. I have found that my time was better spent reading through all of ASCE7 + commentary than it was by doing several dozen practice problems focused on the same subject. I disagree that it's a waste of time looking at the exam spec. I am not limiting my study to those topics listed there. I am just trying to organize my study. And I am not trying to be "exclusive" in what I study by saying "Those tables clearly don't fit into this category so I am not going to study them
  11. It seems like most tables in the Steel Manual would not help with "Load Distribution and Analysis Methods" with maybe the exception of the beam formula tables.
  12. In the NCEES Exam specifications for the Vertical AM exam it has listed "code coefficients and tables" under the Load Distribution and Analysis Methods. What sort of things do you think would fall into this topic? The only thing I can really think of is the ACI simplified analysis procedures for beams and maybe a situation where they would expect you to use coefficients from the Continuous Beam Tables in the Steel Manual. Any other thoughts on this?
  13. I called the BPELSG office and asked for the Evaluator that was in charge of my last name group. I explained to her the situation at which point she said "Oh crap, I hope that wasn't my fault, it might have been my fault". She was super nice and got it taken care of quickly and my license posted the next day. I think that this happened because they had flagged that my name was wrong (they had somehow misspelled my name on all correspondence) and maybe that was how it got held up. I received my "pocket license" late last week.
  14. I believe they do send out an email that has your license number (whether it is a PDF I don't know). The number will post first on the California DCA lookup where you are able to lookup licensed professionals by their name. My number still hasn't posted on DCA. Anybody else have that problem?
  15. My number still isn't up...... my last name is the worst.
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