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  1. I hope my result be ready in the morning before 9am.
  2. Now it is 100% legitimate to refresh the screen (F5) ---- until u find out your result
  3. Board members need to flex their muscle and say Yeah or Nope. It is customary to show WHO IS THE BOSS
  4. What was the latest time that NCEES can post ---- be specific on time zone.
  5. I hope today, MN board okays NCEES to post on their website
  6. Mississippi folks typically have poor vision sight. lol
  7. I would say Friday would be a good possibility
  8. The bearing stress increases as the pore water pressure is reduced gradually by surcharge load
  9. I think Mr. Justin Stine is regretting that video ------- he became the butt-joke
  10. Or released from duty (aka fired).
  11. Rawan, best of luck --- hope u pass. ثم سنتزوج بعضنا البعض
  12. Yaa Rasha, it is okay considering that u took Structure to fail. Don't give up --- hope u pass this time. أتمنى أن تجتاز الاختبار
  13. Rawan, it is normal to feel that way ---- everyone here just want to get his/her result. إذا كان لدي حبك ، فسيفيدني ذلك.
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