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  1. NCEES wants an accounting of your entire work history from graduation up to your current employment, along with supervisor references to verify. However, there is a place to explain gaps in employment. You might be able to document your non-engineering experience that way. I graduated in 2004 and just took the PE exam in October (in ME TFS). It was very hard at first. I started studying in April and while I didn't track my hours, I easily spent hundreds of hours studying. I have a husband and elementary aged children and refused to spend that much time away from them, so I studied with all the noise and distractions. In the end I think that helped me tune out everyone and everything on exam day. I took a different concentration so I can't speak to the references, but I will say that MERM was the main reference I used while studying and during the exam. I also used Engineering Unit Conversions and 11x17 psychrometric charts (not sure whether these are needed as much for the machine design exam). I disagree with your colleague's advice. Everyone I spoke with who failed the first time said they did exactly that. I didn't want to have to take the exam twice, so I put in a lot of effort. Even then it was a difficult exam and I was relieved when I found out I passed. I'm sure there are people out there who can pass it that way, but it's not the norm.
  2. My degree is in chemical engineering, but my all of my work experience has been mechanical engineering. I took and passed the PE in ME-TFS in October. From your description of you most recent job experience, I think TFS sounds like a good fit. Either way, there are going to be topics on the exam that you are unfamiliar with or haven't seen since college. Since you have a mechanical degree and it also is in line with your work experience, it seems like the logical choice to me. Good luck!
  3. I searched my name on the license lookup just now and I have been assigned a number! Much sooner than I expected.
  4. I got an email this morning saying that my file is now administratively complete for submission to the Board for review. It says I will be notified by mail of the Board's decision. I'm assuming this is the status update previously promised, and they're letting me know that they don't need anything else from me. No new licenses issued so far from what I can tell. Patiently waiting 🙂
  5. The multiple choice questions weren't bad, all of the applicable rules and regulations can be found online so it's just a matter of educating yourself. I was able to find a copy of the questions on the NCBELS website ahead of time. Now that we are into the new year, I'm hoping they will start reviewing and issuing licenses. As far as I can tell, no new licenses have been issued since before Christmas (no surprise there).
  6. I'm in the middle of the season, but I like it so far. Have you watched it or are you trying to decide if you want to watch?
  7. Bumping this one up for the new cycle I submitted the short form and transmitted my NCEES record today to NCBELS. When I submitted the short form, the confirmation page said I will be notified by the Board via email about the status of the application within 7-10 business days. I'm not sure which days are holidays, so I'm not even sure how to determine when it's been 7-10 business days. I did get an email stating that they successfully received my application and that applications are processed as quickly as possible after the receipt of the complete NCEES record. (NCEES still says transmittal pending, hopefully it won't take them long to transmit.) The email goes on to say that application reviews typically take 15 business days after receipt of the NCEES record, except in December/January and June/July when they get a high volume of applications. From looking at these posts, I think realistically I'm looking at being licensed somewhere around the end of February. ETA - right after I posted this, I got notification that NCEES had transmitted my record. It only took a few hours.
  8. As a mom of two girls... I hope that wasn't my daughter. If it was, she was probably playing with the legos too.
  9. For anyone who's following, I thought I'd give an update. After I re-submitted the two entries that I received feedback on, all 5 of my entries stayed at "Pending (NCEES)" for the last week. I finally saw some movement this morning and I have one entry 100% complete, two entries pending supervisor approval, and two entries still pending NCEES review.
  10. I filled it out. I passed TFS so I don't know my score. 42/80 seems low to be the highest failing score based on all the discussions about cut scores before results were released. Do you normally see failing scores higher than that? It seems to indicate that either there were a lot of problems with errors in them that got thrown out, or the level of difficulty for this test was high.
  11. I will add my experience as well. I hesitated to take the exam for years because my degree doesn't like up exactly with my work experience, so I didn't feel confident I would be able to be successful in either subject. I have a Chemical Engineering degree but my job has always been mechanical engineer. Fast forward 14 years and I'm now a wife and mom to elementary aged kids. When I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the exam, I knew I had to use my time effectively. I also refused to sequester myself away from my family. So I studied amid all of the noise and distraction. I think this actually helped me tune everything and everyone else out on exam day and keep my focus. I started studying in April. I bought a copy of MERM, 13th edition. I didn't spend any time simply reading through. I knew I wouldn't really absorb the information that way. I bought the NCEES Practice Exam and started working my way through the problems without looking at the solutions unless I was completely stumped. The first time through took me a long time (a month or more), and I was discouraged, but I kept going. After I made it all the way through the NCEES practice exam, I started on the Slay the PE practice exam. I did purchase the solutions, which were well explained. The Slay the PE exam was more difficult than the NCEES practice exam, and I am glad I did it second (otherwise I may have given up). I did the same thing with this one - I took my time working the problems. After I finished Slay the PE, I worked through NCEES again and it went much more quickly the second time. Then Slay the PE again. After that, I bought the Engineering Pro Guides practice exam. The difficulty of it was in line with the NCEES practice exam, and it was a confidence booster for me. By the time I finished EngProGuides, I was about 4 weeks out from the exam. At this point, I started over and worked through NCEES again (in pen) and EngProGuides again (also in pen). I didn't have time to work through Slay the PE again, so I photocopied my previous work on those. Through all of this, I used MERM as my only reference. I tabbed every relevant chapter and wrote the chapter number and title on the tabs, both front and back so I could flip to it easily no matter the page to which I had the book already open. Each section got a different color. I also tabbed the appendices I found myself using frequently. I bought alphabet tabs and tabbed the index at the start of each section. I used this book so much that I had to reinforce the spine with clear packing tape to keep it from falling apart. I now know it backwards and forwards. During the exam, this and the Engineering Unit Conversion book were the only two that I used. If I had to do it over again, I would have purchased more practice problems instead of repeating the same ones over and over again. The more you work problems stated in different ways, the faster you will be able to recognize the method you need to use during the exam. I'm also very glad that I studied using the calculator that I used on exam day. I have used a TI-89 since high school and of course it is not allowed during the PE exam. The TI-30x that I used had a very different feel to the keys and I couldn't type on it the way I do my regular calculator. I made a lot of errors in the beginning of my studying simply because I had to get used to the differences. It would have been a major issue if I hadn't gotten that worked out before exam day. The references I took with me were: MERM 13th edition Engineering Unit Conversions Crane Technical Paper 410 Cameron Hydraulic Data Steam Generation and Use NCEES Practice Exam Slay the PE Practice Exam Engineering Pro Guides Practice Exam 11x17 psychrometric charts
  12. I submitted all of my work experience entries on Thursday. Yesterday evening I got feedback on two of them (out of 5) asking for revisions. The rest still said they were under review by NCEES. The two I got feedback on are not in chronological order, so I'm not sure how they decide what order to review them in. I resubmitted today so I'm hoping they will review the rest early next week.
  13. Yes. In some states, you are allowed to sit for the exam without having to meet the experience requirements. I'm in NC and I know of two people in my office who have taken the exam before they had four years of qualified experience.
  14. I submitted my work experience to NCEES today. I have everything else processed and ready to go. Any idea how long it takes NCEES to review and send to your supervisor(s) for verification? Now that I know I passed, I wish I had already done this part too. But I was afraid to tempt fate.
  15. It's for real, I passed, but I'm not sure I believe it yet.
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