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  1. The AM problems were a reasonable mix of simple and complex. However, I felt the PM problems needed more time than 4 hours to solve.
  2. I agree... who knows how much did they prepare...
  3. Good on you! It seems you were prepared this time. Bunch of my coworker that were second timers said both morning and afternoon were more difficult than the last time! If you don't mind me asking, last time overall how many correct answers did you have? Just trying to get an idea of the cut-off passing score. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! If you took the PE Civil Construction this past Friday (October 2019), I'd like to know how you did? The morning session was fine... a few tough ones, but overall ok. Afternoon was a time crunch! Not so confident about the afternoon session.
  5. Very important reference to have for the test. Try to get your hands on it... You'll thank me later!
  6. 101 is correct. The cover is an additional that's not typically included in the length.
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