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  1. Farewell, friends...
  2. Hello darkness, my old friend...
  3. I think this is fate. @MadamPirate PE, I vote for @JayKay PE, because I already suspected her, then the above happened.
  4. So... You are Mafia?...
  5. Haha, this would make it seem like@squaretaper LIT AF PE is into things that he may or may not be into. 😂
  6. I've forgotten how hard it can be to keep up with EB when you have IRL work to do. Looks like I need to get my priorities in order. 😁
  7. Dang, you sit down to take care of a little IRL work, and you miss all the good stuff. 😂
  8. My vote is for DudeBroAF, or some variant close to that.
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