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  1. @Bruh! My plan was to self study, I didn’t have time to attend classes and for practicing problems. I signed up for SOPE only because I didn’t have to pay upfront (my company had an agreement with them). I didn’t watch their lectures but I read notes and did all the problems. Their NEC notes helped me, I didn’t know much prior to this test. They don't send a binder, you have to print everything yourself. That was a pain. Would I have signed up for SOPE if I had to pay out of pocket? Hell naw. There are plenty of free stuff on YouTube 😁 I also had an opportunity to view Georgia Tech material. I really liked his transformer and machines stuff. He is a professor with many years of teaching experience. I wouldn't mind paying for his class myself if needed. My advise, try to do as much practice problems as possible (the first month). If you feel like you need a class then go for it. We are all different, what works for me might not work for you. Good luck.
  2. Phase 1 (Analysis) - Dec NCEES practice test Complex Imaginary #1 Engineering Pro Guide Study guide cover to cover Phase 2 (Closing knowledge gap) Graffeo cover to cover Complex Imaginary #2 Read various textbooks (see reference section) Reviewed Codes (mostly NEC & NESC) Watched lots of YouTube videos (various subjects) Complex Imaginary #3 Complex Imaginary #4 Graffeo Exam (back of his book) Engineering Pro guide full exam Engineering Pro guide Codes School of PE practice problems Chapter problems for machines (Chapman & Wildi), I found solution manuals online Chelapati book and Handbook of Electric Power Calculations (reviewed chapters and practice problems for weak areas) References You don’t need all these books, one from each subject is enough. I took all of them to the exam but mostly used a few (see bold) Graffeo Created a personal binder (formulas, insulation testing etc.) EPG (Engineering Pro Guide) + Exams Power System Analysis and Design (Glover & Sarma) Electric Machines (Wildi) Electric Machinery Fundamentals (Chapman) Fundamentals of Power System Protection (Paithankar) Protective Relaying (Blackburn) Power System Relaying (Horowitz & Phadke) IEEE 242 (protection) NEC Handbook NESC Ugly’s Tom Henry’s Key Word Index NFPA 70E IEEE 142 (grounding) Chelapati Review Manual (Volume 1) Handbook of Electric Power Calculations (Beaty) Power Electronics (Mohan) – I didn’t get a chance to review it as much I got a hold of the following books shortly before the exam. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to review them at all. I took them just in case I needed them. Linden’s Handbook of Batteries Brightwood (PE Power Problems & Solutions) NFPA 497, 499, 30B. I bought pdfs online through NFPA website the afternoon before the exam. I saw discussions on EB (Engineer Boards) and decided to buy them. I spend over $200, I was pissed but I didn’t want to fail because of it. To be honest, I don’t understand why these codes were added for the exam at all. Misc. Info Degree: BSEE (I didn’t do Power emphasis) Years out of school: 14 years GPA/grades: 3.1 by the time I graduated. Why did I add this? It shows how much effort I needed for the exam. I wasn’t one of those kids locked in my room studying, I was busy outdoors enjoying Southern California weather. Work experience: All utility, substation to distribution (no low voltage experience) Work-Life balance: married, 3 kids and demanding job (I couldn’t study at work as much as I hoped) Advice: Know thy self. Be honest about your knowledge/shortcomings, create a realistic study schedule and buckle up. If you have kids, add a few weeks (or months) for unforeseen circumstances. I couldn’t study for two weeks straight due to illnesses and other kids-related activities. You might get discouraged sometimes, you might want to just throw the towel and end the misery. Don’t listen to negative people or your own negative voice (you know, that critic who loves to tell you about how you are going to fail before you even begin the journey). Keep pushing, you got this. Good luck.
  3. Passed. I hate to admit this on a public forum but I pretty much abonded my family for 2 months. To be clear, I am not recommending anyone to do this. I documented hours study, references used etc. I’ll post it soon. Thanks EB community, I wouldn’t have done this without you.
  4. @daydreambeliever and @LyceeFruit sorry to hear that. Keep your head up. @roy167 and @RadioBox, I haven’t been following most EB discussions. Why the name calling? Let’s get along ppl, we are on this journey together.
  5. Mercy


    I have an all day meeting tomorrow. If results are released, I hope I’ll be strong enough not to check till I get home. Otherwise my co-workers will see another side of me. If I fail, I am probably gonna cry. If I pass, I will get up and do my happy dance. Either reaction is embarrassing.
  6. @ChebyshevII_PE I know, I benefited from all the great feedback before the test. I don’t mind the trolling. If I pass, I will help out future test takers and might come up with my own pranks.
  7. That was the first red flag for me. Second, he/she started with “don’t believe the survey story” but trust mine. In my experience, liars try to discredit others first before selling you their BS. I interact with attorneys in my job. Let’s just say, I can smell liars from a mile away 😀 Btw, I checked mine. See screenshot, I refuse to accept pass or failure until I get the results.
  8. Have mercy, dear EB folks. We are worried enough, what’s up with all this games?
  9. I hear you, I was exhausted about halfway through PM session. I kept thinking, I really hope I don’t have to go through this BS again.
  10. Good luck, I hope you pass. I really respect you and all the others who chose to give it another shot. I am so exhausted mentally & physically, I am thinking of taking a break before signing up for another attempt. I can’t imagine putting my family through another round of this. The whole process is painful.
  11. I was expecting a bloody battle but found the test to be fair. Can I say with confidence that I passed? Absolutely not. I reviewed a few references after the exam exam and noticed I made mistakes/picked the wrong answer (especially NEC). I never used NEC before, I studied whatever material I could find, watched YouTube videos etc. I learned a lot but I was not as fast as I needed to be (finding relevant information etc). Also, I spent very little time studying one subject. I recall at least 4-5 questions on the test. Sad part is, I actually spent $$ on a reference book but didn’t have time to review it prior to the exam and didn’t have time during the test to look for the information (unfamiliar with the bloody book). I did what I could based on my limited knowledge. I wish everyone the best. Please be kind to yourself.
  12. Thanks for your input. I did more practice problems and got better results. I used the method suggested, doing the exam in multiple passes. Also, I started studying at coffee shops for “conditioning”. My usual study place is too quiet, I need to practice ignoring distractions. Hopefully no Zumba conventions next door.
  13. Based on practice tests, I noticed I make silly mistakes when I try to stay within 6 mins per question (using a timer). If I forget about time, my score improved significantly but I end up with a few questions unfinished at the end of the allocated 4 hrs for each section. I guess I don’t do well under pressure, which was not the case when I was in school. I am getting worried now ☹️ Any advice? I am thinking to start with questions I know well, then guess the few at the end (when I run out of time).
  14. I suppose it boils down to personality type. I am with the “better safe than sorry” crowd. In the absence of actual information regarding the test, I would rather bring reference books to the exam that might help. I plan to review everything in my possession, if not every page, at least so I will know what section the information will be.
  15. I would bring protection book. So far, I read the 1st four chapters out of Paithankar book. If I have time, I will read the entire book and try the problems/quizzes. Anyone has solution manual for this book? I might buy the IEEE book as well, it was recommended here (this forum). Also, the following books were recommended (I am still debating if I should buy) Ned Mohan for Power Electronics Hand book of Batteries by Linden
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